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WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Based on actual events first published in a 2018 The Cut article of the same name, “Vigilant (“The Watcher” in his original language) is a netflix series which follows the Brannock family, who move to a new home in New Jersey with the dream of a quiet life.

However, their plans turn into a nightmare when they begin to receive a series of threatening letters from a mysterious sender. Nora (Naomi Watts) and Dean Brannock (Bobby Cannavale) surrender to the police, but the authorities assure them they have nothing to fear.

The second letter ofThe Observerincludes more details about the property and the family now living there, so Dean becomes suspicious of his odd neighbors: brothers Pearl and Jasper, and husbands Mo and Mitch. Who is the stalker really and what is he up to?

The Brannock family reading the first letter of the
The Brannock family reading the first letter of ‘The Vigilante’ (Photo: Netflix)

Despite their fear, the Brannocks refuse to sell their dream home, so they hire Theodora, a private detective, install security cameras throughout the property and set up alarms to keep out intruders. However, the letters and the irruptions do not stop.

While they renovate the house, Dean is left alone and the rest of his family stays at a nearby hotel. Although she is far from the property, Nora can’t sleep easy as she receives strange calls.

After a few arguments with the neighbors, Dean grows suspicious of them, especially Mo and Mitch. Dean talks to a previous landlord who is still shaken by what he went through and points to the elderly couple as the people behind the letters he also received.

One night, Dean hears gunshots coming from Mo and Mitch’s house. According to police reports, the couple committed suicide, but a few days later, they show up at her house and explain that her drug-addicted son faked their deaths to collect the insurance money.

The Graff family lived in the house on Boulevard 657 until 1995. Accountant John Graff moved in with his family after it was robbed, but despite his new home his life was not getting any better, on the contrary, it was becoming more and more complicated. His mother’s demands, his wife’s indifference, his daughter’s rebellion and her financial problems tormented him.

After receiving several letters fromVigilant“, John made the decision to murder his entire family, drain the blood from their bodies and escape without a trace. No photos of Graff exist because he cut his face off of all the family portraits, but Dean thinks this man came to his house posing as a construction supervisor.

When the situation worsens, Karen, the real estate agent, offers Nora a way out: sell her house for less than what she bought it for. Something that later catches the attention of the Brannocks, who confront Karen and the police chief in public. However, he has no evidence to back up his theories.

Karen showing the Brannocks their dream home on the show
Karen showing the Brannocks their dream home in ‘Vigilante’ (Photo: Netflix)

Throughout the seven episodes of the first season of “Vigilante”, the Brannocks suspect different people, but they fail to discover the real culprit. Nora is even suspicious of her husband because of the handwriting of the third letter and a call from home.

Also, Dean and Nora make the same mistake every time the evidence points to someone: they confront them and gain new enemies. So when the contractors discover secret tunnels in the basement, the chief of police refuses to help them and Karen decides to share the story of the house with the media.

Shortly before she dies, Theodora confesses to being The Watcher and tells a story that goes into every detail of the Brannocks’ nightmare, but it turns out to be a lie the desperate woman told to get Dean and Nora to close that chapter. of their lives and find peace of mind.

Eventually, the Brannocks sell their dream house and move back to their New York apartment.. Karen buys the 657 Boulevard house, but doesn’t last long when she receives a terrifying letter from the Watcher. The following owners also receive a similar letter, but The identity of The Watcher is still unknown.

Was it the strange neighbors? One of the previous owners? Why does Dean visit the house at the end of the series? Is Dean so obsessed that he intends to torment anyone who buys what was once his home?

Pearl and Jasper are two of the Brannocks' odd neighbors.  Are they related to the Observer?  (Picture: Netflix)
Pearl and Jasper are two of the Brannocks’ odd neighbors. Are they related to the Observer? (Picture: Netflix)

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