Who’s who in “Santo”, the Spanish-Brazilian series from Netflix

Created by Carlos López, “Santo” is a Spanish-Brazilian action-thriller series that will premiere on September 16, 2022 on Netflix. The fiction with Raúl Arévalo and Bruno Gagliasso tells the story of two police officers who find themselves on opposite sides of the Atlantic and who embark on a frantic search for a ruthless international drug trafficker.

The crime thriller directed by Vicente Amorim began filming on May 14, 2021 and was recorded in Spain and Brazil. Verónica Fernández, director of original content for Netflix Spain, confirmed that there are plans for multiple seasons.

Besides Arévalo and Gagliasso, Victoria Guerra, Greta Fernandez, Thomas Aquino, Maria Vazquez and Martin Aslan are the actors who complete the cast of “Saint”. Most Who’s who in the Spanish series?

Raul ArevaloSpanish actor and director who has participated in series such as “Cuentame qué pasa”, “El tiempo between seams”, “Velvet”, “Laembassy”, “El continental” and “Antidisturbios”, plays Miguel Millaán, a narcotics inspector team trying to track down a dangerous drug dealer who calls himself Santo and in the process meets Cardona.

Raúl Arévalo and Bruno Gagliasso sont the protagonists of the series 'Santo' (Photo: Netflix)
Raúl Arévalo and Bruno Gagliasso sont the protagonists of the series ‘Santo’ (Photo: Netflix)

Bruno Gagliassoknown for playing the schizophrenic Tarso in “India, a love story”, the womanizer Berilo in “Passione” and the murderer with dual identity disorder Edu in “Ojos sin culpa”, brings Ernesto Cardona, a policeman to life Brazilian who He also follows the trail of the mysterious criminal whose face has never been revealed.

Bruno Gagliasso in the role of
Bruno Gagliasso as Ernesto Cardona in ‘Santo’ (Photo: Netflix)

Portuguese actress Victoria Guerra is assigned to portray Bárbara Azevedo, who is linked to Santo and attracts Cardona’s interest. In conversation with ABC, the 33-year-old performer shared what it was like to create her character.

« It was very difficult for me and also for Carlos, the showrunner. We talked a lot about the character and how to interpret it in a concrete way. It often happens that female characters are very strong or very fragile, so for me it was very interesting to make a character who has this duality.“, he explained.

Victoria Guerra as Bárbara Azevedo in
Victoria Guerra as Bárbara Azevedo in ‘Santo’ (Photo: Netflix)

Greta Fernández, Spanish actress recognized mainly for having played in the films “Elisa and Marcela” and “La hija de un ladrón”, brings Susi to life in “ Saint”. This is a sub-inspector who, unlike her boss, tries to follow the regulations.

Fernández has indicated that his character “puts more head into everything, although it’s not that he does things perfectly. Maybe he’s the easiest character to sympathize with, although you can also sympathize with Raúl, because he’s such a good actor and he puts so much heart into him that he can arouse a certain tenderness.”.

Greta Fernandez as Susana
Greta Fernández as Susana ‘Susi’ Jackson in ‘Santo’ (Photo: Netflix)

María Vázquez, who has appeared in series such as ‘Al filo de la ley’, ‘La fuga’, ‘Vivir sin Permission’, ‘Central Hospital’ and ‘Fariña’, participates in the Spanish-Brazilian Netflix Series like Arantxa Rivera.


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