Who will be the new hand of King Viserys I in “House of the Dragon”

Last Sunday, September 11, the premiere of fourth chapter of “The House of the Dragon”. In this way, we witnessed events that marked a before and after in the life of Rhaenira Targaryen. In addition, we were surprised by the unexpected, but desired by many, layoffs of Otto High Tower as a hand Roi Viserys I.

In the aforementioned episode, during a conversation between the sovereign and his daughter, he realizes the true intentions of the one he believed to be his most trusted adviser. Thus, he realizes that his approach to Alice’s High Tower was a plan orchestrated by her father to make her a queen, taking advantage of her vulnerability after the death of Emma.

After this event, many wondered who could be the successor of Otto High Tower. Fortunately, the work of George RR Martin already reveals the name of this person. Therefore, below find out who will be the new king’s hand, Viserys I in the HBO Max series House of the Dragon.

The load of the king’s hand is a title that has been bestowed since the time of Aegon who named his half-brother Orys Barathéon as his main support during his tenure.

Since his appointment, he has been considered the main adviser to the King of the Seven Kingdoms and the executor of his orders in the kingdom. Its functions include the leadership of the military, law drafting, justice, and day-to-day government management.

In this sense, he is a person who enjoys the trust of the ruler. For this reason, members of the King’s Privy Council represent an excellent alternative to replacing Tower. as collected by Sensacine, here are its members:

  • Grand Master : Mellos
  • Coin Master: Lyman Beesbury
  • Master of Laws: Lyonel Strong
  • Captain: Tyland Lannister
  • Master of Confessors: Larys fort
  • Commander of the Royal Guard: Harold Westerling

Agree with ” fire and blood”, who will occupy the position of Hand of the King will be Lyonel Strong head of the fortified house Oui Seigneur d’Harrenhal. By appointing him successor to Otto High Tower in 109 AD, Viserys I to say: “This Hand will not harass me. »

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In the series of HBO the character is played by the actor Gavin has spoken and has already appeared in previous episodes of the production. In this way, he was characterized by his opinions for the benefit of the Crown.

Lord Lyonel Strong has two children, Ser Harwin Oui larys, and two daughters. According to the work of George RR Martin, is a man with a reputation as a good fighter and very cultured, especially on the laws of the Seven Kingdoms. This complete and advanced knowledge is due to his studies at the Citadel, acquiring six links.

before being appointed king’s hand was counselor of the edicts of Viserys Ier Targaryens from 105 AD

If there is no drastic change in the adaptation of HBO we will see the character with his new position in the fifth episode of “House of the Dragon”.


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