Who is the white worm in “The House of the Dragon”

As in “Game of Thrones”, in ” House of the Dragon“There is a network of spies that several important people in King’s Landing use to uncover their rivals’ secrets and use them to their advantage. Thanks to that, Otto High Tower learn about Night walk with Daemon and Rhaenyra Targaryen in the fourth episode of the HBO Max series.

After King Viserys I’s brother seduces his niece, kisses her, strips her, and dumps her before they go any further, Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) runs after him and screams her name.

The scene is seen by a boy sitting outside the brothel in Flea Bottom who later meets Otto Hightower and brings him news of the White Worm. Who is this character who seems to control the flow of very important information about the protagonists of ” House of the Dragon” ?

Mysaria is interpreted by the
Mysaria is played by actress Sonoya Mizuno in ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

Apparently in the fourth episode, the white worm could be Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno), as the same boy later appears delivering coins to Daemon Targaryen’s (Matt Smith) mistress. Is this the payment for the Hand of King Viserys I? Why give him information if he hates him?

Considering Mysaria runs one of King’s Landing’s most popular brothels, it’s no surprise that a political figure close to the crown approached the woman looking for secrets. Daemon’s lover does not want to live in fear and knowing the secrets of the city gives him some power that helps him achieve his goal.

When King Viserys questions the sources of his hand, Otto Hightower refuses to reveal the identity of his informant, but assures him that he has never failed him, i.e. this person is giving him information since a long time.

In the book “Fire & Blood” by George RR Martin, it is confirmed that Gusano Blanco is Mysaria, a dancer from Lysene and lover of Prince Daemon Targaryen who would later become his gossip adviser. In the novels, she is portrayed as a pale woman, which added to her reputation, earning her the nickname White Worm.

However, as Screen Rant points out, in “House of the Dragon”White Worm’s nickname seems to come from the conspicuous white dress she wears, but that’s not her only nickname, in the books they call her ‘Lady Misery’, a pun on her name and reputation.

Mysaria usually wears a white dress in 'House of the Dragon' (Photo: HBO Max)
Mysaria usually wears a white dress in ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO Max)

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