What is “The Wife”, the new Italian series on Antena 3 about

On September 15, the premiere of italian series “The Wife” via Antenna 3. This is a new production directed by Giacomo Campiotti and starring Serena Rossi, Giorgio Marchesi and Stefano Fregni at the head of its cast. Thus, it becomes the direct competition of reality “Nightmare in Paradise”of Telecinco.

Produced by Italy Oui Italian Radio Television (RAI), the fiction is also visible in streaming and, with its three episodes, promises to be another of the favorite fictions of the Spanish network, which already brings together telenovelas such as “bitter country”, ” Brothers “ et “Infidel”.

Find out what it’s all about below. ” Spouse “. Find out what you need to know about the Italian series originally titled ” Wife “.

” Spouse “ is set in Italy in the late 1960s. It tells the story of Marie a young woman born in the city of Calabria and who is constantly looking for new ways to improve everyone’s life. She is a resilient and generous person who is forced to marry a stranger to save her family from poverty. This, although still dreaming of Antoine his first love.

In this way he moves to northern Italy, where he marries Italy nephew of a powerful farmer from Vicence called Victor Bassi. Over there, Marie will have to face the rejection of his companion, still affected by the disappearance of Georgia his first wife.

Treated like a servant by Vittorio, Marie You will have to work hard in the fields. In this sense, your only refuge will be your relationship with Pauline. It’s about her son-in-law, an out-of-school boy who has been living in the stables since his mother’s absence.

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Due to the context of production, issues such as workers’ strikes, unionization for fairer working conditions and other situations typical of the events that affected the European country at that time will also be addressed.

The only refuge Maria will find in “The Wife” will be her relationship with little Paolino (Photo: Endemol Italia, RAI)
The only refuge Maria will find in “The Wife” will be her relationship with little Paolino (Photo: Endemol Italia, RAI)
  • Maria Saggese performed by Serena Rossi
  • Italo Bassi played by Giorgio Marchesi
  • Vittorio Bassi joué with Maurizio Donadoni
  • Antonio Lo Bianco joué with Mario Sgueglia
  • Giuseppe Saggese joué with Matteo Valentini
  • Paolino Bassi performed by Antonio Nicolai
  • Carla played by Claudia Marchiori
  • Nunzia performed by Antonella Prisco
  • Luisa Saggese performed by Giulia D’Aloia
  • Don Fabio played by Gualtiero Burzi
  • Filomena performed by Mariella Lo Sardo
  • Carmela interpreted by Matilde Piana
  • Zi’ Michele played by Saverio Malara
  • Giulio joué par Denis Fasolo
  • Marshal Pietro joué with Stefano Fregni
  • Bruno played by Stefano Guerrieri
  • The social worker played by Marta Richeldi
Actress Serena Rossi is the protagonist of ‘The Wife’ (Photo: Endemol Italia, RAI)

Although it was revealed that ” Spouse “ It will be released on Wednesday, September 14 Antenna 3 decided to change the date and announce its release for Thursday, September 15 from 2022. This, in order to compete directly with reality TV Telecinco “Nightmare in Paradise”.

So the three chapters from the Italian miniseries can be seen from the channel’s signal Antenna 3 and from the streaming platform Atresjoueur Premium the following times:

  • Premiere of the Italian series “The Wife”: Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 22h 45 (Spanish time).

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