Watch The Boys Season 4’s Graphic Teaser

The Boys, a popular Amazon Prime Video series, has the best social media presence out there. Twitter’s social media platform describes Vought International as if it were an actual corporation. The page also features some fantastic behind-the-scenes images. The Boys Season 4 has received several positive improvements lately. The A-Train is the most recent. A-Train, on the other hand, appears to be fully coated in blood. What caused his bloody exterior? When the series resumes, that query will undoubtedly be addressed. The teaser image is seen below:

When A-Train ran over Robin, Hughie’s girlfriend, that was the last time we saw him drenched in blood. That was, however, in the first season of the show. According to the image above, he is enrolled in a splatter paint class. We can see what they did. A-Train started abusing Compound-V, the substance that effectively produces superheroes, and as a result, he has been experiencing heart problems. Therefore, we are unsure if his heart is at the spot where it used to be so he can run. Blue Hawk was dragged by A-Train until he vanished into oblivion, although this may not be the whole reason for his bloody attire. The Boys Season 4 might introduce an updated and better A-Train. He appeared to have restored his heart’s original form.

There will be a completely new team in The Boys Season 4 with a lot fewer players. Starlight is currently viewed as a sort of traitor, and it appears that she has already been removed from the mural of the Seven. The same is true of Queen Maeve, who essentially pretended to die. There is no way to know if she will make a comeback in the new season because she did lose her powers after stopping Soldier Boy. We might see A-Train play a more active role with this new team. Given that he is entirely coated in blood in the picture above, this may involve some additional murder.

One of the best and most watched shows on Amazon Prime Video is called The Boys. Production on The Boys Season 4 has been going strong since its approval in June. It’s possible that the show will be picked up for a fifth season soon. Everyone wants Billy Butcher to continue working on Homelander. Although it’s unclear whether Soldier Boy will appear in the upcoming season, we can all rejoice that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has recently been cast. Just who he will be portraying is unknown.

It’s likely that The Boys Season 4 won’t begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video until the middle of 2023. The time from the start of production and the airing of the show is typically one year. We’re all eagerly anticipating the return of everyone’s favorite disturbed superheroes and superhero hunters.


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