Vigilant: the real dark affair behind the Netflix series


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Vigilant created on the streaming service Netflix on October 13 and only a few days were enough to overcome Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story as the most watched series in the world today. It’s a story featuring Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts which is inspired by a real-life case of a New Jersey mansion. In seven episodes that are already a success, is reflected a story that we will tell you next.

The plot of the fiction follows Dean and Nora Brannock, who have just bought their dream house in the idyllic neighborhood of Westfield. After spending their savings, they realize that the neighbors are not at all friendly. There’s an eccentric elderly woman named Pearl and her brother Jasper, who sneak into the Brannock house and hide in the dumbwaiter; Karen, Mitch, and Mo. Reception turns to hell when they start receiving disturbing letters from someone who calls himself “The Watcher.”

+The real case behind the Vigilante series

The couple seen in the series are actually Derek and Mary Broadduswho purchased their New Jersey home in June 2014 and received a white envelope with large block letters that was addressed to the new owner of the 1905-built home. The note, as detailed by New York Magazine in 2018, mentioned: “Dear new neighbor at 657 Boulevard, let me welcome you to the neighborhood”. The anonymous writer said that this house had been the object of his family for decades and had been chosen to observe the place, in addition to wondering if they knew what the walls were hiding, what was examined by the police and found nothing.

The writer then questioned the renovations that Broaddus made in the house and sent a direct threat to kidnap the couple’s three children: “Once I know their names, I will call them and draw them too. Let the party begin “signing the pseudonym The Observer. The day after, Derek and Maria They discovered that the previous owners had also received a letter from a person who went by the same name, which mentioned that they had been monitored during their stay. This couple, who have lived in the house for 23 years, assumed it was a joke, but the police took it seriously and advised the Broaddus that they hadn’t told anyone except their neighbors who were now suspicious.

A few weeks after the first letter, The Observer He wrote to them again mentioning that he was still watching them and asking if they had found what was on the walls. Given this, the couple were worried about the information they had about their family, as they sent them the names and even the birth order of the children. The writer again referred to the children, this time as “young blood”, asking if they would let them play in the basement or if they were afraid to go there. After this notice, Derek and Maria they stopped taking their children to what would be their new home and weeks later they received another letter: ” Where did you go? 657 Boulevard miss you ».

Six months after buying the house for $1.4 million, the couple put the property up for sale, but couldn’t find a buyer because of those letters. In 2016, the Broaddus they tried to resell the house for $1.25 million, but the deeds were a foreclosure for buyers, so it was recommended that it be sold to a developer who would tear the place down. For this they needed approval from the Westfield Planning Board and had a four hour meeting, where the residents expressed that tearing down the house would reduce the cost of their homes and ruin the neighborhood.

The family managed to rent the house, but soon after another couple moved in, a new letter arrived from The Observer, dated February 13. The Broaddus filed a lawsuit against the Boisprevious owners who never told them what happened. “Maybe you even talked to me, one of the so-called neighbors who has no idea who The Watcher might be. Or maybe you know it and you’re too scared to tell anyone. », the letter mentioned. The remarks were increasingly aggressive, pointing to the fact that the family was attracting the media to “their neighborhood”, from which they threatened to take revenge Derek and Maria plotting their death. The new tenants have not left the house, but they have installed security cameras.

“You are despised by the house. And El Vigilante won”, said the last letter to arrive on the scene. Although there were suspicions that it was neighbor Michael Langford, there was no conclusive evidence against him. Police found the DNA on the envelopes to be female and investigated Michael’s sister, but that didn’t come to fruition either. Although there were more suspects, some neighbors said they were the same Broaddus that they were after the letters because they couldn’t afford the house and so would find a way to lower its price, or that they were scam artists to sell the story for money. Derek He said he sent letters to the neighborhood criticizing him for cleaning up his image, but only received more negative comments. Despite the police investigation, The Observer has not yet been found and his identity is unknown..


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