Top 5 K-Dramas You Should Watch On This Month

With so many brand-new K-dramas released this month, we were happily entertained. Considering which drama to watch next? To start your next drama journey, take a peek at this list of the top K-dramas on this month.

Bad Girlfriend

Top 5 K-Dramas Bad Girlfriend

In the web drama “Bad Girlfriend,” Yang Ji Soo (Byeon Seo Yun), a well-liked and gifted worker at an advertising firm, dates her heartless employer Yoon Tae Oh (Park Young Woon). The boss is unaware that Ji Soo has lately begun dating Moon Ji Ho, a young man who works part-time at a coffee shop and is played by Hyuk from OMEGA X. However, Moon Ji Ho tries to balance dating the two men without them knowing when she accepts a contract position at Yang Ji Soo’s business.

Below, you can see “Bad Girlfriend”:


Today’s Webtoon

Top 5 K-Dramas Today’s Webtoon

The popular 2016 Japanese series “Sleeper Hit!” was remade in Korea as “Today’s Webtoon,” which is set in South Korea’s fiercely competitive webtoon market. Ma Eum, a former judo competitor who joins Neon’s webtoon editorial department as a new hire and struggles to develop into a true editor is portrayed by Kim Sejeong. Choi Daniel portrays On Ma Eum’s dependable mentor and deputy editor Seok Ji Hyung, while Nam Yoon Su co-stars as On Ma Eum’s coworker Goo Joon Young.

“Today’s Webtoon” can be seen below.


Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

Top 5 K-Dramas Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

“Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist,” a tvN drama based on the same-named novel, stars Kim Min Jae as Yoo Se Poong, a well-known internal medicine physician who is dismissed from the royal court after becoming involved in a plot. He sets out to become a real doctor who cures the heart after meeting Seo Eun Woo (Kim Hyang Gi) and Gye Ji Han (Kim Sang Kyung) in the weird and lovely village of Gyesu.

Below, you can watch “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist”:



Top 5 K-Dramas Mimicus

In the youth drama “Mimicus,” students at an arts high school struggle to establish their authenticity in the face of a society where imitating others is the rule. Yoo Young Jae, a star of B.A.P, plays Han Yoo Sung, the aloof son of a prosperous family who secretly longs to show off his latent abilities. Han Yoo Sung unintentionally becomes involved in a peculiar rumour that he has been imitating Ji Soo Bin, a famous trainee and the son of an executive from an entertainment firm (Kim Yoon Woo). Jo Yu Ri, a former member of IZ*ONE, and Nana from woo!ah! also appear in the drama.

below to see “Mimicus”:


If You Wish Upon Me

Top 5 K-Dramas If You Wish Upon Me

The drama “If You Wish Upon Me” on KBS2 is based on a real Dutch organization that grants the wishes of terminally sick cancer patients. Yoon Gyeo Re, played by Ji Chang Wook, is a character who has been tested to the breaking point by a challenging existence filled with hardships. But when he is forced to work as a volunteer at a hospice, he discovers that his life is altering in unexpected ways while still fulfilling the patients’ requests. Sooyoung, a member of Girls’ Generation, co-stars as Seo Yeon Joo, a tough and upbeat hospice nurse who is fascinated with exercise, and Sung Dong Il plays Kang Tae Shik, the volunteer leader of Team Genie.

Below is a video of “If You Wish Upon Me”:


Which of these dramas did you enjoy, and which do you intend to watch? Tell us in the comments section below!

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