The Witcher: The filming of the third season is officially finished

The first stage of production for the highly anticipated third season of the Netflix-Adaptation of the witcher is accomplished.

Which main character Henri Cavill about it said and when possibly with the publication is to be expected, you will discover ici!

Third season of The Witcher completed despite the difficulties

The filming of the third season of The Witcher ran into some difficulties over the summer. A positive COVID case caused a blockage at the filming locations.

At the end of July, they could Filming has resumed and since then the film crew had to work really hard. Because both the director of the last two episodes Bola Ogun as well as the main actor Henri Cavill do you confirm: The third season is now officially extinct!

At the end of a busy and very productive period, Cavill thanked the film crew with the following message:

« I want to thank you all for your determination and dedication during the difficult filming process. I hope you can all take a well-deserved rest now.

For the filming of the season, the crew obtained it from the most diverse regions of the world, led by Slovenia, via Wales to Morocco; everything was there, which certainly also went hand in hand with a strict plan.

So much the better that after the forced interruption of filming, it quickly continued, and filming continued. Five months are finally over.

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When can we expect the third season to be released?

There is no official release date yet. The scenes shot now have to go through post-processing, which took six months for the first season and seven months for the second season.

Additionally, Netflix does not release seasons immediately upon completion, leading Redanian Intelligence to believe that a Released from May 2023 could be expected.

But there is no official information from Netflix’, this is just a guess based on past experience.


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