season 2 will focus on the development of Sauron

sauron charlie vickers

Amazon Prime Video series, »The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power closed its first season. The latest episode of the most expensive series in history has answered the question many fans are asking: who is Sauron? The answer to the question was given in episode 8, showing that Halbrand, played by charlie vickers was actually the Dark Lord in disguise.

Many fans were enchanted by Halbrand with his rebellion and that anti-hero attitude he exhibited, for which many were surprised that he was actually Sauron, he even tricked Galadriel in the story of the series, so he did a good job of going unnoticed. While details for ‘The Rings of Power’ season two haven’t been confirmed, Vickers said it will focus on Sauron’s development as a Dark Lord.

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“We know that Sauron takes on different forms in this era,” the actor said. “Maybe all I can say is that. Maybe we will do these things. I’m incredibly excited to explore it doing those things we know it does. He has a lot of rings to make, and he can go to Númenor and orchestrate the downfall of Númenor. »

The last time we saw Sauron in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ franchise was when he traveled to Mount Doom in the land of Mordor, so it’ll be interesting to see how his rise went. strong next season. Galadriel will surely have an important role with the Lord of Barad-dûr for his deception.

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However, even if it was quite a surprise for her character, the actress who plays the queen of the elves knew in advance that Vickers was Sauron. “Then I found out that Charlie found out I was playing Sauron, and they told me we were shooting our parts of Númenor,” he said. Morfydd Clark, who plays Galadriel in the series. “But they didn’t give us episode eight until it was too late. »

With the second season beginning its tapings, it looks like the showrunners have a really definite plan, as it’s already been confirmed that ‘The Rings of Power’ will have a total of five seasons, so there’s still a long way to go. know the end of this story.

“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is available on the Prime Video streaming platform.


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