References to “Rocky” in Season 5 of “Cobra Kai”

Series ” cobra kai”, which is available via the netflix platform as well as its predecessor the film “Karate Kid” showed several references to “Rocky”, this saga of a boxer played by Sylvester Stallone who goes from anonymity to being a world champion and having various experiences in the ring.

This fifth season, which caused some controversy in Mexico, was no exception, since several nods to the masterpiece of Stallone throughout all the episodes and some are very clear, although there are others that are not so easy to recognize because only a true fan could realize that in a second.

Given this and the curiosity of many to know what scenes we are referring to, in this article we will show these references to Rocky Balboa present in the television series that has become famous all over the world thanks to its exposure on Netflix.

Terry Silver’s dojo was built with the greatest possible technology and this was also replicated in his training equipment for his athletes, who endure various labors and physical exertions – and some not so much – in order for them to become their best. the best.

It reminds us of the movie Rocky IV”, in which we see something similar in the Soviet installations, where Iván Drago is also subjected to very hard exercises with the aim of being a beast in boxing and defeating any rival that stands in front of him, just as happened with Apollo Creed, who died in a fight with him.

Terry Silver trains his students with very sophisticated and complicated exercises (Photo: Netflix)
Terry Silver trains his students with very sophisticated and complicated exercises (Photo: Netflix)

Whereas Daniel La Russo accompanies his students in the preparation of the Sekai Taikai, an international Karate competition, he chooses to drop a phrase well known to fans of “Rocky”. And he said to them: “Some people need to run up a mountain in the snow and scream Drago! ».

This reminds us of the same movie from the previous reference, when the main character went to the Soviet Union to train for his fight with Iván Drago, so he decided to run in the snow until he reached the top of a mountain.

Rocky Balboa climbing a mountain in the snow in “Rocky 4” (Photo: Metro Goldwyn Mayer)
Rocky Balboa climbing a mountain in the snow in “Rocky 4” (Photo: Metro Goldwyn Mayer)

In the penultimate episode of the Netflix series’ fifth season, the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ was heard while Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence and Chozen Toguchi were drunk

As we know, said band theme “survivor” is one of the most representative of the cinematographic saga, appearing for the first time in “Rocky III”, when the main character befriended creed d’apollon to ask him for help in his training in order to regain his world title.

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In the fifth season of “Cobra Kai“, Amanda and Daniel are going through a crisis in their marriage and she decides to leave the house with her children, since she did not support her husband’s decision in wanting to fight against Terry Silver’s plans. However, over time, her cousin told her that the villain had very cruel plans and she realized things.

This is how she returns to Daniel’s arms and gives him all her support so that he can defeat his rival and thus stop the villain of the story.

To understand this reference, you have to go back to “Rocky IV”. In this film, Adrian, wife of the protagonist, does not support her husband in his quest to avenge the death of Apollo Creed at the hands of Iván Drago and remains in the United States until he opens his eyes and realizes he needs to support his beloved.

Adrian travels to the Soviet Union and surprises Rocky, who derives the motivation he needed from his training.

Amanda and Daniel LaRusso
Amanda and Daniel LaRusso” in “Cobra Kai” (Photo: Netflix)

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