Patton Oswalt Praises Authentic Performance Of Joseph Quinn’s Stranger Things

Joseph Quinn

Joseph Quinn quickly became a stranger things a fan favorite, as his character Eddie Munson was introduced during the popular series’ fourth season. He was the leader of the Hellfire Club at Hawkins High and went wild with his band, Corroded Coffin. He perfectly portrayed someone who grew up in the 80s and an actor/comedian Patton Oswalt let Quinn know how awesome he was on the Netflix show.

Variety caught up with Quinn on the red carpet, where he was interrupted by Oswalt. The actor was asked what it was like to receive recognition for his role as Munson before Oswalt chimed in to share his praise. “You nailed a character that was so present in the ’80s that he doesn’t exist much anymore,” Oswalt explained. “You have captured a character from another time. It’s like stepping out of a time machine. »

Oswalt, like many, loved Quinn’s performance as Munson throughout his fourth season. Unfortunately, Munson met a tragic demise, and it’s unlikely we’ll see the character again unless he’s in flashback form. stranger things Producer Shawn Levy recently weighed in on a possible comeback, saying it was “highly unlikely.”

« [Laughs] Oh boy, a lot of people — a lot of people — can’t even handle the thought of a Season 5 without an excuse for Eddie’s presence. Highly unlikely. Highly unlikely. But we hear you, world. We know. You’re obsessed with Eddie. U.S. too.

stranger things 5 Will not introduce new characters

stranger things is known for featuring fan-favorite characters who unfortunately meet an untimely death. For example, Barbara Holland, or Barb, was introduced in Season 1 before an attack by the Demogorgon, never to be seen again. Likewise, Bob Newby sadly came and went in Season 2, defending Joyce and the gang from impending doom. Alexie, Billy Hargrove and Chrissy Cunningham are just a few other characters who have spent time stranger things before finally being killed. However, Matt Duffer said earlier this year that they would resist adding new characters for the fifth and final season, focusing on the OG cast.

“And the same was true with Sadie and Maya. And it’s not like the actors don’t know [either]. They all know they’re getting into a cast that people love, and you’re introducing a new element. And you’ve seen him on shows that go bad, and so they’re all nervous, but like Ross said, with those three in particular, and Dacre [Montgomery] also, who played Billy, it was like, because these actors are amazing, it’s really fun. I just like to shake it up, so we shake it up by changing the plot or adding a new monster. We do our best to resist [adding new characters] for season 5. We’re trying not to do that so we can focus on the OG characters, I guess.

Fans can expect more screen time from Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike Finn Wolfhard), Joyce (Winona Ryder), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Hopper (David Harbour), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Nancy (Natalie Dyer), Steve (Joe Keery) and Will (Noah Schnapp) in the upcoming fifth season. With the writing having already begun, fans can expect stranger things 5 in 2024 at the earliest.


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