Over the weekend, a Kevin Hart movie drenched with hatred topped the Netflix rankings

When it comes to Me Time, Kevin Hart’s most recent collaboration with Netflix, the expression “love to hate” comes to mind. The recent streaming platform release of the movie met with a lukewarm reception from critics. Nevertheless, despite all the criticism, the comedy managed to pull off a shock victory over the weekend.

In Me Time, Hart plays Sonny, a stay-at-home father who has taken on too much responsibility and wants a well-earned rest. Unfortunately, he meets up with his friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg) to celebrate his birthday, derailing his plans for relaxation.

Another Hart buddy comedy, the movie features the two characters getting into all kinds of ridiculous situations, such as base jumping without any training and getting mauled by lions.

Me Time Kevin Hart

Me Time has received negative reviews from critics who charge that the movie’s message is hidden beneath childish jokes and shoddy scriptwriting, and it has a dismayingly low Tomatometer score of 8%. The most popular Netflix movie over the weekend, according to FlixPatrol, suggests that the nasty remarks haven’t deterred anyone.

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that Netflix members are giving the movie a try given the star power of both Hart and Wahlberg. But just because people are viewing a movie doesn’t imply they like it, as seen by the dismal 32% Rotten Tomatoes audience rating.

You can watch Me Time on Netflix right now if you want to decide for yourself.


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