Now Streaming: Young Sheldon Season 5

The sixth season of Young Sheldon is set to premiere at CBS in the autumn, which will be the continuation of the most popular comedy show. For those looking forward to watching Season 5 ahead of Season 6, just a few episodes were made available for streaming through Paramount+, leaving the season to be largely unwatched. Thankfully, Wednesday morning the situation changed. The entire 5th season of Young Sheldon is streaming online in its entirety however, it is not available yet on Paramount+.

It was announced several years ago, just before CBS All Access became Paramount+, that HBO Max would become the home of streaming for Young Sheldon, which would join the show’s predecessor, The Big Bang Theory, on the streaming service. Since then, complete seasons of the show have been added to HBO Max ahead of the new seasons that premiere. Thursday’s morning brought the fifth season of the show to the HBO Max lineup, with Season 6 set to premiere on CBS later in the month.

Season Five of Young Sheldon included the 100th episode which was an achievement for a spinoff. While there were some significant stories revealed, there were not any major announcements regarding it being episode 100.

“We did not want to create any kind of quote-unquote special show because it was actually the 100th anniversary of the year,” co-creator Steven Molaro explained to the publication Deadline. “We wanted to create an episode we were excited about writing and not be limited due to the figure that I believe the vast majority of viewers will not even notice.”

The episode had some significant moments and revelations details, including that Sheldon’s brother, Georgie could be expecting the birth of a child with his girlfriend. There’s also a significant discussion that takes place between Sheldon and Missy which drops some shocking clues about the nature of Sheldon’s sexuality which wasn’t fully explored in the show. Big Bang Theory.

“I believe Missy (Raegan Revord) has spent a bit of time trying to figure out the identity of her brother as well as what the nature of his relationship could have been — that, as we’ve learned via The Big Bang Theory, remains an open question for quite a while,” Molaro explained.


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