Morfydd Clark Shares The Biggest Difference Between Filming Seasons 1 And 2

Morfydd Clark Shares The Biggest Difference Between Filming Seasons 1 And 2

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power showed off its huge budget throughout the series, with stunning shots of the New Zealand region where it was filmed. The series, which debuted on September 1 earlier this year, is undeniably large-scale, which led to more than two years spent filming the first season alone.

Fans are hoping for a quicker turnaround between seasons 1 and 2 of power rings, as several years of filming would delay the project a bit with the visual effects and post-production work required. During an interview with Collider, the actress of Galadriel Morfydd Clark discussed filming the first season and why the second may be a little different.

“But filming the first season was so special because we were in New Zealand, there was a pandemic, nobody could leave, we had no life other than the show. And as an artist, that was a pretty amazing thing to do. To be able to be kind of…we were just totally obsessed and it’ll never be like this again. I feel so so that’s why it’s so exciting that this last episode is coming out it was two years of work because of the context that it was filmed in and actually it was all consummated in a way wonderful. »

Filming moves away from New Zealand in the upcoming second season, as power rings the crew moves to the UK. This will be a significant change for the franchise, as the Peter Jackson trilogies, The Lord of the Rings et The Hobbit, were filmed in New Zealand. Hopefully the production and beauty of the second season will live up to the first and the movies that came before it.

Morfydd Clark has a secret to bringing her back into character

Although it’s been quite a while since Morfydd Clark was on power rings together, the actress tells Collider there’s one thing that always brings her back to Galadriel. It’s not the costumes, the set design or the reading of his script. Instead, Clark says riding a horse forged a special bond between her and her character.

“I feel the most important thing for me in terms of understanding her and feeling like she was riding, I’ve never ridden before and it’s magic. And so I was really lucky to be able to get back to riding before I started season 2. And that’s a really good doorway into all of that, into Middle-earth and all of it really, I think the horses.

Although filming has already started in the UK, it could take a year or two before we see power rings arrive on Prime Video. The series has a lot to manage between the long filming, huge amount of VFX work, and post-production processes. Of course, the team wants to capitalize on the popularity of the first season as soon as possible, although we may not see the series until 2024 at the earliest. For now, fans can enjoy the entire first season, streaming now on Prime Video.


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