Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Cast & Character Introduction

Let’s meet the new cast of the upcoming series ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’

In 2017, Money Heist premiered on Netflix as well as expanded to turn into one of the world’s most significant experiences. The Spanish dramatization crime series adheres to the grand schemes of the Professor as well as his team as they try to burglarize EUR984 million from the Royal Mint of Spain, followed by a 2nd heist on the Bank of Spain. The series was the most-followed series on Netflix for six consecutive weeks, garnering a significant Twitter complying, and also not to mention, an enormous fanbase. 

Fast forward to 2022. Netflix revealed a future Korean remake of the show, appropriately titled Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. The series is set in the same imaginary universe as the original show, with North and also South Korea on the brink of reunification after 80 years. However, a heist team has been working underground to take the country’s new unified money directly from the Korea Unified mint. With a top-class pal of thieves, they attempt to burglarize 4 trillion won (roughly USD $3 billion) prior to South Korean arrangement professional Seon Woo-jin (Kim Yunjin) and also previous North Korean unique agent Cha Moohyuk (Kim Seung-o) reaching them.

Look into who’s playing which Character in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area with this helpful guide.

Yoo Ji-tae as the Professor

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Yoo Ji-tae plays the Professor, the brains behind the mega heist. Real to his name, he is a genius mastermind with a solid knack for developing strategies to obtain the task down. Just like the Professor in the original Money Heist series, the Professor in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area has the heist cemented in his mind, and also prepares the entire ordeal based upon his vision as well as principles. 

 After launching his acting occupation in 1998, Ji-tae skyrocketed into popularity in the movie industry with films like Attack the Gas Station and One Fine Spring Day. He is popular for his iconic function in the 2003 thriller Oldboy, playing the primary villain Lee Woo-jin.

Park Hae-soo as Berlin

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Park Hae-soo plays Berlin, a North Korean prisoner who left after enduring in a concentration camp for the past 24 years. With a burning defiant spirit and also a brutally straightforward personality, he has the leadership top qualities to regulate the heist team. Berlin is a huge believer in utilizing fear as well as the department to accomplish outright control over his group.

 Hae-soo was involved in international fame after his cutting-edge performance as Cho Sang-woo in the groundbreaking Netflix series Squid Game. Previously, he won Best New Actor at the prominent The Seoul Awards for his performance as the protagonist in Prison Playbook.

Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Jeon Jong-seo plays Tokyo, a North Korean citizen who transferred to South Korea as an immigrant wanting to turn over a new leaf and also start a much better life. However, life in South Korea doesn’t end up the method she wants to. On the edge of surrendering, the Professor approaches her as well as asks her to be a part of his heist strategy. A Little bit does Tokyo know that her decision will impact the whole way the system plays out.

Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Jang Yoon-ju plays Nairobi, a very unmistakable trickster who understands her way around the dishonest world of counterfeits. The actress, known for her adaptability, obtained her big break in the industry when she started modeling in 1997. As one of the most decent models in the nation, Yoon-ju has actually held Korea’s Next Top Model. Besides modeling, Yoon-ju is a radio DJ and also an experienced actress, debuting in 2015 in the criminal activity thriller Veteran.

Kim Ji-hoon as Denver

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Kim Ji-hoon plays Denver, Moscow’s lively and bothersome son. When a notorious backstreet gang member, he is extremely multi-faceted and understands just how to use his capabilities to his benefit. With his pleasant as well as emotional demeanor, Denver brings a refreshing air right into the team. Just like Jong-seo, Ji-hoon is also validated to make an appearance as the Ballerina. The star is well-known for his previous operation in enchanting comedies like The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law as well as Stars Falling from the Sky.

Lee Hyun-woo as Rio

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Lee Hyun-woo plays Rio, the professional hacker of the heist team. After dropping out of the clinical institution, Rio changed occupation courses and also is now in charge of disrupting the Korea Unified Mint’s careful safety and security system.

 Hyun-woo began acting when he was just 9 years of age, as well as starred in duration dramatizations like The Return of Iljimae as well as Queen Seondeok. The star is remarkable for playing a North Korean spy in Secretly, Greatly. Interestingly sufficient, this is not Hyun-woo’s first time playing a genius hacker – he took on a comparable function in the 2014 movie The Con Artists.

Lee Won-jong as Moscow

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Lee Won-jon plays Moscow, a straightforward guy and also a specialist miner. With his mining capabilities, Moscow is mainly responsible for digging out the departure throughout the break-in. He is a massive fatherly number, and also just desires to have a typical life with his son. Won-jong is an experienced star whose profession goes back to 1998. An acquainted face in Korean TV as well as movies, Won-jong has won a total of 4 honors, including the Excellence Award, Actor in a Weekly Drama at the 2008 KBS Drama Awards.

Lee Kyu-ho as Oslo and Kim Ji-hun as Helsinki

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Lee Kyu-ho and Kim Ji-hun play Oslo and also Helsinki specifically, a set of ethnic Koreans who were once part of a violent Chinese gang. Together, they guarantee that the heist team has the toolbox needed to burglarize the Korea Unified Mint. Ji-hun is known for his persisting role as Byeon Ji Woong in The Good Detective. Kyu-ho was featured in the 2019 drama Jazzy Misfits.

The Taskforce

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area would not be complete without its elite task force. Leading the investigations right into the heist are Seon Woo-jin (Kim Yun-jin) as well as Cho Moo-hyuk (Kim Sung-oh). Before this show, Yun-jin made a look in the struck television collection Lost. Sung-oh has actually played supporting roles in Secret Garden as well as The Man from Nowhere.

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