Matt Smith Joined House of the Dragon for a Very Specific Reason

Since the prequel series’ announcement, fans of Game of Thrones have been on edge. It was natural to be wary about returning to George R.R. Martin’s fantastical universe after getting burned in the last seasons of Game of Thrones with a hurried, undercooked tale that disappointed many. Thankfully, thus far, the series has been hitting all the right notes. in large part because of standout performances like Matt Smith’s as Daemon Targaryen from House of the Dragon. Even though the series has only had a few episodes published, Smith has already distinguished himself as one of the best characters.

Matt Smith obviously had some reservations about participating in House of the Dragon, so it’s a good thing he consented to join up in the first place. In a recent interview, Smith disclosed that at first, he had doubts about returning to the Game of Thrones universe, but that his opinion had changed as the offer persisted and he learned that Paddy Considine, who played King Viserys, would be involved. Smith stated, “There’s this moment in this new show that is a prelude to Game of Thrones.” My agent told me while I was in a parking lot. And I said, “Ohhh.” I’m not sure. It’s challenging, isn’t it? It’s difficult to follow. We’ve seen this before, right?” “I discovered Paddy Considine was also doing the show,” he continued. He had already been given the part of King Viserys, and I had always wanted to work with Paddy since I was such a tremendous fan of theirs. So, that was definitely a draw.

Matt Smith

It’s natural that Matt Smith didn’t rush at the chance to join House of the Dragon given that Game of Thrones was such a tremendous smash that it faced some significant criticism near the conclusion. However, it appears that everything worked out for the better because the cast has been excellent. The events of the series can be largely separated from the storyline told in the Westeros we are familiar with because the story takes place almost two centuries before the events of Game of Thrones. There is a lot of room for innovation even though the show is based on the George R. R. Martin novel Fire and Blood. Rather than providing a thorough analysis of character ideas and motivations, Fire and Blood is more of a history book. This implies that the show will still have the potential to surprise viewers who have read the book.

There are presently two episodes in the series, and new episodes are released on HBO Max every Sunday. The rivalry between Matt Smith’s House of the Dragon persona and the rest of his family has so far been set up as being very interesting. Additionally, there is some simmering discord with Steve Touissant’s Lord Corlys Velaryon. Finding out where the time jumps in the series will occur will be particularly interesting. We find out that six months have elapsed since the first episode’s events at the opening of the second. Since Milly Alcock and Emily Carey’s characters, Rhaenyra and Alicent, respectively, will eventually be performed by Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke, a significant time jump should occur later in the season. Fans shouldn’t have any trouble following along with the time jumps and hanging on every scene if House of the Dragon can maintain the level of quality it has so far provided. You can get both of the first two episodes on HBO Max if you need to catch up. This Sunday marks the release of the next episode.


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