Marília Miranda lost almost 30k before “BBB 23”


Marília MirandaInstagram/Marília Miranda

Make-up artist Marília Miranda (32) managed to lose almost 30 kilos before being announced as the newest popcorn maker at “BBB 23”. The influencer had tried to enter two other editions of the reality show.

In 2022, the sister underwent a food reeducation process. To compare the result, Marília took pictures of her body with the same bikini, according to a photo from her personal archive that circulates on the Internet.

The successful influencer said that she started practicing physical exercises during the weight loss process. “[Eu] I ate a lot during the pandemic because of anxiety and then I changed my routine”, he revealed to Gshow. See the difference below.

marilia bbb23

Marília Miranda also assured that her time at “BBB” will be intense due to her strong personality. “If it’s up to me, the plants will carry out photosynthesis outside the program”, declared the candidate for villain.

The sister describes herself as a northeastern arretada and issued alerts to the other participants. According to Marília, she cannot speak quietly and her mocking manner can be a problem during confinement.

“I was always one to pick fights. I’m not going in to make friends. This is not summer camp. I will make life hell for those who hate me and take the opportunity to vote for them”, she urged.

Although the potiguar seems very tough, Marília is also fun and good-natured. She intends to play fair, create alliances and encourage many more women.


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