Manifest Season 4 Teaser Released On Netflix

Here is the first official teaser for “Manifest’s” fourth and final season, which is currently streaming on Netflix. The fourth season of “Manifest” will begin on November 4, which is appropriate. It’s a date that appears frequently in the teaser and that viewers of the program should be familiar with because it concerns a commercial flight that encounters turbulence in the air before landing and learning that five and a half years have passed since it took off and vanished.

The first three seasons of “Manifest” were shown on NBC as a network drama from 2018 to 2021. The program gathered a devoted following, but the network abruptly canceled it after its ratings dropped from an average of over 12 million viewers every season to just under 5 million. Despite having previous episodes available for streaming, Netflix initially decided against picking up “Manifest,” but the program rapidly gained new followers and made the Netflix Top 10.

With the news that Netflix is renewing “Manifest” for an extra 20 episodes, the #SaveManifest campaign finally paid off around this time last year. This will enable series creator Jeff Rake and the actors and crew to give the show’s “Lost”-like plot a proper finish. You can see the teaser below for a brief recap of some of that story.

In the teaser, some of the “NSA director Robert Vance (Robert Edwards, back for season 4) meets Montego Air Flight 828 at the airport and informs the passengers that they have all been missing for five and a half years. It’s November 4th right now.”

In the timeframe of the episode, Flight 828 took out from New York on April 7, 2013, and returned there on November 4, 2018, after experiencing the longest landing delay ever (a date we see again with a flight status board reading, “Now arriving November 4th.”) Siblings Michaela and Ben Stone (Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas), who were two of the passengers on that flight, discover, along with the other characters on the program, that it’s not always simple to reintegrate into a society that has moved on since their apparent demise.

We first saw Michaela in a “Manifest” season 4 trailer in June as an NYPD detective looking into a construction site. This teaser makes reference to the passengers’ post-return precognitive abilities, which some interpret as “callings” from a heavenly intelligence.

There isn’t much new information here; rather, the focus is on re-establishing the show’s story when it moves to Netflix.

The fourth season of “Manifest” is anticipated to be split into two parts, similar to the fourth seasons of Netflix’s “Ozark” and “Stranger Things,” as we previously reported and as numerous other publications have confirmed. However, the teaser makes no mention of this.

With the release of season 4 on November 4, 2022, “Manifest” will reach its conclusion.

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