Preview of House of the Dragon Episode 3 Provides a More Detailed Look at the Terrifying New Villain

Major House of the Dragon spoilers is present in this article. You should read at your own risk.

The Targaryens have been the focus of the first two episodes of HBO’s House of the Dragon. Although there are individuals from other houses in the novel, the Targaryen power line serves as its central theme. With the exception of one terrifying new adversary who was revealed at the end of the second episode, both the protagonists and the villains of the series appear to be members of House Targaryen. Although there isn’t much information available about this enemy, the third episode teaser gives us a much clearer look at them.

The wicked pirate known as the Crab-Feeder preys on ships in the Stepping Stones, damaging vital trade routes for Westeros, as revealed in the second episode of House of the Dragon. The protagonist nails victims to boards and then lets crabs and other animals eat them while still alive. The final frame of the program was the only time we saw the Crab-Feeder, but the trailer for the next week’s broadcast gave viewers a better look. Look it up!

The rivalry between Daemon and the Crab-Feeder, which was set up at the end of episode two, is hinted at in the promo for the upcoming episode. With the concluding moments of Sunday’s program, Corlys Velaryon approached Daemon and requested his assistance in the Stepping Stones. Daemon would earn influence and support from other houses in Westeros if he could march his army to the coast and prevent the Crab-pirate Feeder’s forces from obliterating the trade routes. Due to his abilities as a military leader, he would probably have more support from Westeros than his brother when he ultimately attempts to claim his seat on the Iron Throne.

Although it’s impossible to predict how much the Crab-Feeder will be in next week’s episode, from the trailer, it does appear like a significant amount of it will center on the tension at the Stepping Stones.


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