Game of Thrones Best Character Brienne from Tarth Returning for Jon Snow Sequel?

In a recent interview with Collider Another well-known Game of Thrones actor is contemplating returning to the realm of Westeros.

The world of fantasy television has been turned upside down after the announcement made recently of Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones sequel series that will feature Kit Harington set to return. In a recent interview with Collider Another well-known Game of Thrones actor is contemplating returning to the realm of Westeros. The character that is being discussed would be Gwendoline Christie. Perhaps one of Game of Thrones‘ best characters from Brienne of Tarth be back for Jon Snow? Jon Snow sequel?

In light of the news of Kit Harington will be returning into the realm in Game of Thrones in the Jon Snow sequel series, Collider’s Christina Radish was quick to inquire from Gwendoline Christie about whether viewers will get to witness the character Brienne from Tarth in the near future. Here’s what Christie said: “There are so many directors I would like to collaborate with, and I would love to make various kinds of works. That’s my goal. But I will never stop adoring Brienne of Tarth and I will never cease being attracted to her.”

Game of Thrones Best Character Brienne from Tarth
Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones

It’s a typical non-committal response from an actor confronted with an unintentional question. considering the fact that Brienne of Tarth is one of the few characters who made it through the final episode of Game of Thrones and her ties to the Stark family, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Gwendoline Christie is set to be a part of the forthcoming Jon Snow sequel.

Before fans can see the sort of Kit Harington and potentially Gwendoline Christie, the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon will be broadcasting this year on HBO Max. The show is set to make its bow on August 21 as well as stars the sort of Matt Smith as well as Emma D’Arcy in a story concentrating on the powerful Targaryen dynasty, as well as their claim to the iron throne centuries prior to the events of Game of Thrones. House of the Dragon is not the only spin-off series that remains in the jobs. As well as the Jon Snow sequel to Game of Thrones, fans of Westeros will soon be privy to an entire host of exciting brand-new stories. 

SlashFilm creates that in addition to House of the Dragon and the Jon Snow sequel, there will be 3 other live-action spin-offs as well as 3 different animated series. The majority of these spin-off series are set well before the occasions of Game of Throne, implying that if Gwendoline Christie were to appear in a show, it would most definitely be the Jon Snow sequel.

The exact same goes for Gwendoline Christie, who of course mentioned that she has an emphasis on new roles and working with new directors. As well as the 2nd role is in the brand-new Netflix adaptation of Sandman, where Christie will be playing the role of Lucifer. Fans will undoubtedly be excited to see the starlet in her brand-new roles, but they would certainly be even much more fired up if Brienne of Tarth were to show up in the new Jon Snow Game of Thrones sequel.


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