Ex-BBBs delete Bolsonarian posts from the internet


Chef Thyrso Mattos (“BBB 2”) and tattoo artist Dilsinho Mad Max (“BBB 3”) cleaned up anti-democratic publications and locked their profiles on social networks. The ex-brothers encouraged coup acts after the defeat of Bolsonaro (PL).

Thyrso had made at least two problematic posts, one being fake news and the other endorsing the “quebra-quebra” at Praça dos Três Poderes. “The top echelons of the army sold themselves to the mismanagement that was installed”, declare the chef, who is not satisfied with the victory of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Even on the eve of the terrorist attack, the chef shared the publication of a Bolsonarist who called on the indignant population for the invasion. “People, for the love of God, don’t give up on Brazil and stay united,” he wrote in the caption.

In a post on November 17, 2022, Thyrso spread the false news that Lula would have nominated and benefited around 283 people during the government transition.

The lying information was also reproduced by councilor Fernando Holiday, who recanted and admitted the error. Meanwhile, Thyrso Mattos preferred to just delete the post.

Dilsinho Mad Max, in turn, declared support for the anti-democratic acts that took place in Mato Grosso do Sul. The tattoo artist summoned the “patriots” and asked God to bless “each of the Brazilians and their families who were donating their lives for a nation”.

The first dropout in the “BBB” story decided to lock his Instagram profile and now only followers can view the publications. Until then, Dilsinho had called for the Army to intervene.

In December 2022, Mad Max participated in the anti-democratic acts and declared that it was not easy “to leave the family, work and even the cities where they live to fight for the truth”.

In a video in front of the Alvorada Palace, the tattoo artist raged that the left “would never understand what it is like to spend hours” at the doors of the headquarters, the so-called “HQs”.

In addition to the former prisoners, artist Adriano Castro (“BBB 1”), influencer Tati Pink (“BBB 5”) and model Alexandre Scaquette (“BBB 8”) also encouraged coup leaders in favor of anti-democratic acts.

Of the last three, the artist from Bahia was the only one who broadcast lives of the vandals marching towards the National Congress, but he deleted the posts and decided to close the social networks.


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