“Brutal Nights” director defines his next terror


Filmmaker Zach Cregger, responsible for the acclaimed horror “Brutal Nights” (Barbarian), already has a new project underway. He will write, produce and direct the film “Weapons”.

Plot details have yet to be released. It is only known that the film should mix suspense and terror on a large scale, and that it will be distributed by the New Line Cinema studio – which won a dispute with Universal and Netflix.

The project will reunite Cregger with producers Roy Lee (“Don’t Worry, Darling”), JD Lifshitz and Raphael Margules (both “Flames of Vengeance”), who also worked on “Brutal Nights”, as well as Miri Yoon (“Don’t Worry, Honey”).

“Zach proved with ‘Brutal Nights’ that he can create a visceral cinematic experience for audiences and that he knows how to use every tool in a filmmaker’s utility belt,” Richard Brener, president of New Line Cinema, said in a statement. “We couldn’t be happier that he, Roy and Miri and JD and Rafi have chosen New Line to be the home of their next film, and we hope it will be the first of many to come.”

“Weapons” does not yet have a release date.

“Brutal Nights” earned $45 million at the box office, more than 10 times its budget of $4 million. The film also pleased critics, reaching a 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In Brazil, “Noites Brutais” was released by the Star+ streaming platform. Check out the trailer below.


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