The Boys Reveals What Happened to A-Train After Herogasm

The following article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 7, “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed,” which was released Friday on Prime Video.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 3 “Here Comes a Candle to Make You Sleep Easy” reveals the shocking story of Reggie Franklin/A Train following “Herogasm.” “

A-Train confronted Blue Hawk in “Herogasm” after Vought International stated it would not take any action after the supe attacked a number of innocent people in Trenton including Nathan Franklin, the speedster’s brother. Blue Hawk attempted to wave A-Train away, but the Seven members grabbed him and dragged the speedster to his death at super-speed. A-Train suffered a heart attack from the stress of the action. A-Train’s fate was not known at the end of the episode.

A-Train is regaining consciousness at Vought Tower when he sings “Here Comes a Candle to Make You Sleep.” Ashley Barrett is there and tells A-Train that he suffered a heart attack while trying to save Blue Hawk from Soldier Boy’s attack. Vought had Blue Hawk’s entire heart transplanted into A-Train. He’ll be able to run again soon due to his quick healing. Ashley asks A-Train for assistance in discrediting Annie January/Starlight who publicly swore against the company after “Herogasm“.

A-Train, based on Garth Ennis’ character and Darick Robertson’s The Boys comics is a speedy supe. Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend Robin Ward was accidentally killed by him at the start of the series. Vought International tried to cover up the incident, which is why Hughie joined Billy Butcher and The Boys.

Prime Video’s The Boys was created by Eric Kripke. It debuted in 2019. While the show was renewed for Season 2 in 2020, production on Season 3 was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The series has received strong reviews and viewership. Prime Video recently approved the fourth season of The Boys.

Prime Video now streams the first seven episodes of The Boys Season 3 episodes. Prime Video will be streaming the Season 3 finale, “The Instant White-Hot Wild,” on July 8.


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