‘A Gentleman and a Young Woman’ Ending Explained: What Happened to the Korean Netflix Series’ Protagonists

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Avec Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Se-hee et Cha Hwa-yeon« A gentleman and a young woman(“Young Lady and Gentleman” in English) is a South Korean Netflix series which tells the story of Dan-dan, an energetic young woman with a big heart who becomes the new home guardian of a wealthy family in recent bereavement.

Lee Se-hee’s character lives with his half-brother, Dae Bum, an ever-failing businessman, and his stepmother. Tired of the bad treatment, she decides to leave this house and while climbing a mountain, she meets Young-guk, the skilful president of a company, a widower with three children.

After becoming a tutor at Young-guk, the leading lady of “A gentleman and a young woman begins to feel attracted to her boss, who gradually develops feelings with the woman who takes care of his children.

Dan-dan became Young-guk's home tutor in
Dan-dan became Young-guk’s home tutor in ‘A Gentleman and a Young Lady’ (Photo: GnG Production)

Towards the end of the first season of korean netflix series, Sa-ra returns to Young-kuk and soon after everyone finds out about her pregnancy. When the news reaches Dan-dan’s ears, it reminds Young-kuk of why it’s impossible for him to father this baby.

Although Young-kuk decides to stay away from Dan-dan until Sa-ra’s son is born, he soon realizes that his heart has always belonged to Dan-dan, but she does not accept. his excuses.

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In the latest episode of “A Gentleman and a Young Lady,” Sa-Ra agrees to move to Vietnam with Cha Gun and start a new life with the baby they are expecting, however, a fall down the stairs causes her to lose her son and her plans for the future.

As Dan-dan deals with the death of his mother, Soo Chul finally comes to terms with his relationship with Young Guk, who is waiting for the right time to propose to the love of his life, which he is looking forward to.

Sa-Ra loses her baby after a brutal fall at the end of
Sa-Ra loses her baby after a sudden fall at the end of “A Gentleman and a Young Woman” (Photo: GnG Production)

With the help of his sons, Young Guk arranges a romantic surprise and eventually proposes to Dan-dan with his mother’s ring. The former guardian agrees to marry her former boss, but asks him to give the ring to Dae Ran, since she is the true owner.

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This gesture causes a big change in Dae Ran, who apologizes to everyone he has offended. Ultimately, Dan Dan and Young Guk get married and move to a new place.

What happened to Sa-Ra? Although Cha Gun worries about Sa-Ra’s well-being after losing her baby, they soon break up. She leaves the country to start over and he watches her board the flight.

On the other hand, Jun O decides to go back to medical school thanks to the advice of Mi Rim, who moves in with Mi-Sook while fulfilling her dream of becoming a hairdresser.

Young-kuk and Dan-dan got married at the end of the first season of
Young-kuk and Dan-dan got married at the end of the first season of “A Gentleman and a Young Lady” (Photo: GnG Production)

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