YouTuber tests crash detection – does it work?

The first tests of the iPhone 14 are already here. But what no one had tested before was crash detection. A YouTuber wanted to know in a realistic scenario if the new feature really worked – and let the Apple smartphone crash.

One of the new features brought by all iPhone 14 models is automatic crash detection. Thanks to the new acceleration sensor, which detects g-forces up to 256 g, a high dynamic range gyro sensor and other sensors, the iPhone should recognize serious car accidents and automatically dial the call. emergency. YouTuber TechRax wanted to know if this feature actually works and what Apple probably understands to be a serious car accident – and tied the iPhone 14 Pro in a wrecked car for a video.

What is a serious accident?

For his test, the YouTuber first wants to drive the iPhone in an old remote control car in an open field against a burnt-out car body. But it offered too little resistance, the test car just rolled over and the iPhone didn’t recognize a crash. So there must be a bigger obstacle.

iPhone 14 Pro reliably activates the emergency call function

With a barricade of several junk cars and the iPhone 14 Pro strapped to the headrest of the test car’s driver’s seat, it finally works. The test car crashes into the wreckage and is stopped by them. The emergency call screen appears on the iPhone after a delay of about ten seconds. He recognized the accident and launched an emergency call. The YouTuber then has ten seconds to cancel the emergency call.

During a second crash test, he comes to the same conclusion: if the car is braked by an obstacle, the iPhone 14 Pro recognizes an accident and wants to dial the emergency number. Good to know: It doesn’t have to be an accident in which the car rolls over. Apple’s smartphone should also be active in a minor rear collision.

Important: Please don’t try this at home! The tests were carried out in the open field without anyone on board.

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