Wonder Woman 3 is about to completely complete its storyline

Wonder Woman 3 is about to completely complete its storyline

The script for the third episode of »Wonder Woman is almost completely finished. New reports within Warner Bros. have confirmed that the director Patty Jenkins is about to deliver the script for the sequel “immediately”.

However, the document that the executives of Warner Bros. supposedly await is a script project, so it will take some time before the production process begins.

Once Warner Bros. approves the “Wonder Woman 3” script, Jenkins will work with a writer to turn it into a full script that will eventually become the script used on set. According to reports, the Jenkins document understands the plot presentation more like a detailed plan than individual scenes.

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‘Wonder Woman 3’ Script Arrival May Line Up With What Actress Previously Said Gal Gadot in an interview about the progress of the project. Gadto, who plays Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, assured fans last April that the sequel was in the works.

“We are in talks! “, did he declare. “We’re working on the script and doing the third installment, so all the wheels are spinning and turning and I’m really, really excited for fans to come see ‘Wonder Woman 3’ once it’s done. » be complete. »

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Recently, Jenkins herself confirmed that she had already written the final scene for the third film and said that it would be worth the story she previously described for the character. At the same time, the director also hinted that Wonder Woman’s third solo movie might not be the last entry in the franchise.

Jenkins explained that writing the final scene of ‘Wonder Woman 3’ left her interested in where Diana Prince’s story would go, although she admitted there were other plans on the way. which she would like to work as well.

“Wonder Woman 3” does not yet have an official release date.

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