Will Mike Barnes Return to ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6?

A spoiler alert. That bad boy who’s already done his thing in ” The Karate Kid”, mike barnes (Sean Canaan) fulfilled the dream of thousands of fans of the saga when he made his surprise appearance in the fifth season of ” cobra kai”, which is available via netflix platform.

Although its likely entry had been rumored for the past few months, much was never said about it, let alone confirmed, so the mystery remained and was only revealed when viewers saw all of the episodes of the season, being a good decision by the directors of the production.

What’s more, the actor Sean Kanan himself had been prevented from talking about it for a year and thus ensured the surprise in the episodes of the Netflix series. In this way, the actor could not answer when they asked him a series of questions on this point in the different interviews he gave throughout this time.

Now that we know he was part of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai”, a big question arises. Will the character of Mike Barnes reappear in the sixth installment? Here we tell you everything known at the moment

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor who brings the character of Mike Barnes to life, Sean Kanan, opened up about various details of his entry into the Netflix series and revealed that he was contacted by the producers for a meeting via zoom in order to talk about the project he had in mind.

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A few months later, in September, filming was already underway and everything was kept secret until the day of the premiere. However, now there is another question, which we will try to solve in these lines.

There is no doubt that viewers of this saga want more from the character, but it will all depend on the writers, if they choose to give him more screen time in the next season.

In the aforementioned journalistic speech, the 55-year-old actor mentioned that he hopes he continues to have more opportunities on the show as he is thrilled with his work like this. However, He doesn’t know anything about it either..

“I really can’t talk about it. It’s something they (producers) have to discuss. But definitely, I think the table is set for Mike to hopefully continue. So I hope he comes back. »commented the American actor.

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