Why Jeffrey Dahmer Made His Victims Watch ‘The Exorcist 3’

Series ” Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” , available via Netflix of Wednesday, September 21, recounts the events of one of the most terrifying serial killers who committed their terrible crimes in United States.

With a total of 10 chapters, the North American production tells the main crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, so it was possible to know more details about him and what was his way of managing in the shadows to kill his victims and avoid death. ‘be discovered.

Throughout the season, among other things, his fascination with “the exorcist 3», a film released in 1990. His taste for this feature film was so great that he even forced his victims to see the film before being executed by their own hands.

The peculiar mode of operation of the criminal in question has caused the majority of people who have already seen the series to generate great doubt about him, linked to the reason for such glare with this film.

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ (Photo: Netflix)

In the first chapter, during the confinement of one of his possible victims, the murderer mentions that his favorite film was “The Exorcist 3” and that he watched it very often, showing very excessive taste.

Before killing the person he had already captured, as we mentioned, his almost obligatory protocol was to see this tape in front of him. All this became known in real life thanks to the statements of Tracy Edwards, which escaped her.

As part of what was initially speculated, everyone believed the “Milwaukee Cannibal” was extremely ecstatic with a scene in which a priest was possessed by the devil, but he wasn’t.

When more details about him became known, it was concluded that his attachment to this film was, in particular, for Gemini, the main character of the third part of this saga.

Like the fictional character, Jeffrey Dahmer They murder their victims and drain their bodies to leave them completely dry. But that wouldn’t be all, but they shared other similarities.

Dahmer used to decapitate his victims and save the heads as well as other body parts. This is why the murderer had such a fascination with said film.

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