Why Jaime Camil didn’t want to sing the same as Vicente Fernández in “El rey”

Why Jaime Camil didn't want to sing the same as Vicente Fernández in

« Le roi, Vicente Fernandezwas the first biographical series the iconic singer allowed, unlike other titles like “the last king”. The actor assigned to portray Chente was Jaime Camilwho confessed that filling those big shoes was no easy task.

the series that streaming on Netflix from September 14tells the life of the ranchera music singer in its different stages. Sebastien DanteKaled Achab and Sebastien Garcia were responsible for interpreting their younger versions.

Before being taken up on the streaming platform, the series created by Dago García and Jhonny Alexander Ortiz it was first broadcast in Colombia through Caracol Television.

In one of the interviews that Jaime Camil gave in which he spoke about his preparation for the role in “El rey, Vicente Fernández”, the actor confessed that he was afraid to try to imitate the voice of the famous charro.

Apparently, Camil was concerned about not reach the grades that Vicente Fernández could reach in real life, because he had a very characteristic and powerful voice.

Despite his initial fears, the protagonist of “The most beautiful ugly” he prepared intensively to be able to sing closer to the artist. That way, the audience wouldn’t notice much difference between the two voices.

Through a video call to La Opinion’s Rafael Cores, Jaime Camil revealed that imitating Vicente Fernández during his presentations was very difficult.

« I can tell you that on more than three occasions I got dizzy during recordings and almost fell over when I was in the studio trying to give those Vicente tones [Fernández] and this power that you have“, he said in the interview.

Vicente Fernández is a Grammy-winning Mexican music icon. Absolutely, interpreting it on screen is quite a challenge and that implies great pressure for any actor who undertakes this task.

According to Jaime Camil, Don’t be intimidated by this ambitious missiontreated it like it was any other role.

This does not mean that he neglected his imitation of the interpreter of “Acá between our”. On the contrary, spoken with people close to Fernández or who knew himall with the aim of deepening what he knew of him, as he would with any other character.

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