Who’s who in ‘The Perfumer’, the new Netflix movie

« the perfumer” (“Le Parfumeur” in English and “Der Parfumeur” in its original language) is a netflix german movie which is loosely based on the novel “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” by Patrick Süskind. The crime thriller directed by Nils Willbrandt follows Sunny, a detective who lost her sense of smell as a child and follows the trail of a killer who removes sweat glands, skin and hair from his victims.

Responsible is Rex, a local criminal following orders from Dorian, a perfume maker who seeks to create a scent that can make anyone who smells it feel love. Although Sunny has to catch her, she needs something from this man.

Emilia Schüle, Ludwig Simon, Robert Finster, Solveig Arnarsdottir, Anne Müller and August Diehl composed the casting principal de «the perfumer” , most who’s who in the new Netflix movie?

Emilia Schüle is assigned to play Sunny, a detective who is about to start a new life with her boyfriend Juro. However, he leaves her to return to his wife and daughters. When she reunites with Dorian, she sees an opportunity to regain her sense of smell and win back her lover.

Emilia Schüle as Sunny in the German film “The Perfumer” (Photo: Netflix)
Emilia Schüle as Sunny in the German film “The Perfumer” (Photo: Netflix)

Dorian dreams of creating the perfume of love at all costs, however, his first attempt does not go as planned. After meeting Sunny, he realizes that she might be the key to his goal.

Ludwig Simon as Dorian in German film 'The Perfumer' (Photo: Netflix)
Ludwig Simon as Dorian in German film ‘The Perfumer’ (Photo: Netflix)

Although he is married with two daughters, Juro gets involved with Sunny and even makes future plans with her. When reality catches up with him and he decides to return to his family. However, something beyond her control forces her to resume her romance with the detective.

I swear (Robert Finster) watching the film's protagonist
I swear (Robert Finster) watching the protagonist of the movie “The Perfumer” (Photo: Netflix)

Anne Müller plays Rex, Dorian’s old friend. She is ready to do anything to help him, including murdering innocent young people. Because she is a local criminal, she is the police’s first suspect.

Anne Müller as Rex in the German film “The Perfumer” (Photo: Netflix)
Anne Müller as Rex in the German film “The Perfumer” (Photo: Netflix)

In ” the perfumerSolveig Arnarsdottir is assigned to play the police chief who leads the team in the search for Dorian. Despite being Juro and Sunny’s boss, she worries about them, especially since they’ve been behaving strangely since they started working on the new case.

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