Who’s who in the Netflix movie “Wife for Hire”

Le visage de Luiz quand il est allé embaucher Lina dans

‘Wife for Rent’ is Netflix’s romantic comedy which has a great acceptance in the subscribers of the streaming platform. The plot tells how a bachelor who never thinks of committing himself must fulfill his mother’s last wish: to get married; Because he doesn’t want to be excluded from the will, he decides to hire an actress to pose as his girlfriend.

Thus begins an adventure between the young people, who in the eyes of the mother are the ideal couple. Following the great performance, we tell you who the actors are and what character they play in the film, pay close attention.

Luiz's face when he went to hire Lina in
Luiz’s face when he went to hire Lina in ‘Wife for rent’ (Photo: Netflix)

Caio Castro is Luiz in “Wife for Rent”. In the plot, he is 30 years old and he is convinced that commitment is not for himbut in order to fulfill his mother’s last wish, he will look for a woman who will pose as his girlfriend and future wife.

The actor was born in 1989. Among his known participations are: “Ti Ti Ti” (2010), “Fina Estampa” (2011), “Amor à Vida” (2013), “I Love Paraisópolis” (2015) and others. In addition to playing various roles in television productions, he has been a presenter. Not only that, since he is a Brazilian pilot and businessman.

Lina talks to Luiz about how they are going to pretend to
Lina chats with Luiz about how they’ll pretend to be a couple in ‘Wife for rent’ (Picture: Netflix)

Thatiane de Oliveira Lopes plays Lina, the actress who poses as Luiz’s girlfriend and wife during a moment. She will have some conflicts with her fictional partner, since she refuses to clean up the place where they live, arguing that she was only hired to act.

The actress was born in 1990 in Rio de Janeiro. In 2013, he became famous after participating in the musical “Tudo por um popstar”, in which he starred. He starred in telenovelas like “Boogie Oogie”, “O Grande Gonzalez” and others. And not only, since it presented the festival “Rock in Rio: 30 years in 15 minutes”.

Carlota tells her son to make his last wish come true before he dies in
Carlota tells her son to make his last wish come true before he dies in ‘Wife for rent’ (Picture: Netflix)

Patricia Travassos plays Carlota, Luiz’s mother, which is characterized by being a little manipulative. She puts her son between a rock and a hard place by asking him to marry, because he refuses, she threatens to cut his allowance and cut him from his will.

The natural actress from Rio de Janeiro has a great career in the world of theater. The most outstanding productions where I participated are: “The Mummy’s Secret” (1983), “Unlimited Love” (1985), “The Next Victim” (1995), “Os Mutantes” (2008), “Mirror of Life” (2018) ), among others.

The discomfort of María Inés because her brother has a new apartment in
María Inés’ discomfort because her brother has a new apartment in “Woman for Rent” (Photo: Netflix)

Mariana Xavier gives life to Maria Inés in “Woman for Hire” She is one of Luiz’s sisters and suspects the love that exists in the new couple. Also, he feels jealous because his mother gave them the key to an apartment.

The television actress was in productions such as “Os Amadores” (2007), “Casos e Acasos” (2008), “Os Anjos do Sexo” (2011), the program “Video Show” (2014) and many others. ‘others.

  • Maria Clara as Bruna Louise
  • They usually Gloria comme Polliana Aleixo
  • Maria Eugenia with me Fafa Rennó
  • Samir as Flavio Pardal
  • Dr. Edmar as Arthur Kohl
  • Nestor as Danilo De Moura

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