Who’s who in “Tal para que”, the spin-off of “La Hora Pico”

Who's who in

After 15 years, the doors of Nacotitlán will reopen to revive its iconic characters with new episodes in memory of Miguel Galván La Tartamuda, beloved actor and comedian who died in 2008. This time as ‘Tal para que’, produced by Reinaldo López, with Consuelo Duval and Lorena de la Garzaplus a great cast and star shows.

« such for whom is a spin-off derived from one of the most beloved characters of Mexican television: Nacaranda and Nacasia, from « Peak hour. The production has done the unthinkable by reuniting much of the original cast in this episode which will premiere Thursday, October 13 on Canal de las Estrellas.

Ahead of the premiere, the lead cast have revealed details about how the new program will turn out, being the absence of El Vítor who caught the most attention. They also pointed out that there will be guests such as Gabriel Soto, Lupita Sandoval, Emmanuel Palomares; among others. It was also revealed that this season will have 12 episodes and if all goes well, there might be a second season. But who will be part of this new comedy? Then we reveal them.

‘Tal para cual’ is a spin-off spin-off of one of the most beloved characters in Mexican television: Nacaranda and Nacasia, from ‘La Hora Pico’ (Photo: Televisa)

In a place called Nacotitán, Nacaranda has changed and is now single and with light “helmets” because freedom gives him permission to do certain things.

Nacasia is Nacaranda’s best friend and inseparable. Despite the passage of years, he has not lost his innocence, although few believe he has his “dark” side.

Nacorita is the mother of Nacaranda, who assures that she was born when the Sierra Madre was a young woman, she will watch over her daughter and the whole family.

Nacol is Nacaranda’s niece and she is a great “influencer”, because she has a lot of influence on social networks and has her page to find a partner, although her aunt did not have this chance, but she will continue to fight to find her better half.

Consuelo Duval in Nacaranda and Lorena de la Garza in Nacasia dans
Consuelo Duval in Nacaranda and Lorena de la Garza in Nacasia dans « Such for which » (Photo : Televisa)

Nacaranda has a heartless sister who abandons little Hetor, who is only six years old, with her. The little nephew arrived while he was in her arms and has been raised by her since birth, which is why he calls her “mom” and greets her with the unforgettable phrase: “what a joke, boss”; while Nacorita greets her, “What a joke, my boss’s boss.” »

The Indian Brayan lives in Nacotitlán and makes everyone laugh with his stitches.

After receiving the growth tonic, the only thing that grew was his beard. Nacolás finds himself without school and now if he has to scratch himself, he tattoos his arms. Although he ended his affair with Nacasia, a strange relationship continues between them.

As is now a tradition, Paul continues to thank on behalf of all the servers in the world.

In Nacotitlá, El Costeño is the owner of a new changarro that if he continues as he is, he will have to close it due to so much debt, but what matters most to him is the family unit.

All the characters of “Tal para cual” (Photo: Televisa)
All the characters of “Tal para cual” (Photo: Televisa)


  • Gabriel Soto
  • Erika Buenfil
  • Maria Elena Saldana
  • Carlos Bonavides
  • lune d’edwin
  • Laura Spain
  • Emmanuel Palomares
  • Alfredo Adame and Carlos Trejo (together in one episode)
  • Paul Stanley
  • Augustin Arana
  • Ferdinand Valence
  • Lupita Sandoval
  • Albertano (Ariel Miramontes)
  • La Toña (Michelle Rodríguez), Brayan (Armando Hernández) and Paco (Jorge Van Rankin), from the series à succès «40 y 20″.

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