Who was Tico Mendoza from ‘The King, Vicente Fernández’ in real life

Who was Tico Mendoza from 'The King, Vicente Fernández' in real life

The authorized bioseries of Vicente Fernandez Déjà is available on the Netflix platform and many have enjoyed the story of one of the main singers in Mexican history from beginning to end, so there are certain doubts about certain passages and even certain presences in the chapters.

One of those characters that had some mystery was the role of Tico Mendoza. And it is that not everyone knows who this person is in real life and why he was so important in the career of ” Charro from Huentitán”, so in this note we will detail a little this great friend that the artist had since he began his musical career.

Erick Chapa played Tico Mendoza in
Erick Chapa a joué Tico Mendoza dans «The King, Vicente Fernández» (Photo: Erick Chapa / Instagram)

In the series produced by Caracol TV, “El rey, Vicente Fernández”, Tico Mendozainterpreted by Eric Chapa, is a key music producer in the rise of Vicente Fernández. He works on the SBS label and helped the artist release the song “Volver Volver”, which became one of his main songs.

In real life, this character is Federico Mendezwho was a producer for CBS, who is now sony music. He was a great friend of “Chente”, he was in his worst moments and helped him in his musical career.

It should be mentioned that Méndez was the composer of other Vicente songs, the most important being “De qué modo de olvido”, which continues to this day to be one of his most listened to songs.

The two would move through the story together, until a fateful ending occurred with the protagonist of this article.

November 16, 1988, Federico Méndez was found dead in his CBS office with a bullet to the head. Inquests concluded it was all a suicide.

Meanwhile, in the Netflix series, Vicente Fernández was linked to her friend’s death as he was the only one with him when it all happened. Finally, it was discovered that Tico committed suicide due to family issues.

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