who killed David Carter and what happened to his girlfriend Tammy Williams


The third season of “Unsolved Mysteries” landed on Netflix this October 18, 2022 with creepy stories, which still do not find an answer to events that occurred several years ago. Chapter 3 of this iconic docuseriestitled “Body in Bags” (“A body in bags”, in Spanish), tells the story of a father who, after being murdered, was dismembered and his remains left in different places along the I-75 freeway in Ohio.

Here’s what happened to David Carter, the man whose body was cut into several parts and left in bags, from his disappearance to his identification, as well as what happened to Tammy Williams, his girlfriend he knew since high school and considered the prime suspect.

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT! The third episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” begins with the discovery of a sleeping bag off Interstate 75 in Michigan by a group of workers, who call the authorities to determine what was there. inside.

Although at first it was thought they would find a dead animal, when they opened it, they saw something disturbing: the severed lower torso of an adult male. In the following paragraphs, we tell you what happened to David Carter since the last day he was seen alive, according to “Body in bags”.

In “Unsolved Mysteries”, the discovery of the sleeping bag on Interstate 75 (Photo: Netflix)

The Friday evening September 28, 2018, David Carter attended his son DJ’s football match. He was accompanied by his girlfriend Tammy Williams, but apparently things weren’t going well between them, as they sat apart. Even her sister Tasia Carter-Jackson pointed out that after the game the relationship ended because of the possessive attitude of the woman.

Two days later, Sunday, DJ was going to go to his father’s house for a planned visit, but from one moment to another He receivedlike his mother Samia Conner, SMS from David Carter’s cell phone, asking him not to come because he was sick. Unable to communicate directly with him, he went anyway and when he got close he saw Tammy Williams taking out the garbage cans, who, noticing his presence, ran beside him, entered the apartment and Locked. Although, soon after, he allowed her in, assuring her partner was gone, didn’t let him go to his dad’s room or the bathroom. Since then, nothing more has been heard of him.

The following week, on Tuesday October 2, David’s friend and colleague, Roger Davis, contacted Carter’s sister to inform her that he had not gone to work several days, which set off alarms, as they could not reach him by phone.

Tasia and her husband Derrick Jackson went to David’s apartment, which was unlocked; They immediately contacted his father Elton and Samia Conner, the mother of his son. They all searched the house and they discovered a hole with a blood stain on the mattress and under the bed. This was reported to Melvindale Police, who officially declared him missing.

A very frightening discovery in
A very chilling discovery in “Unsolved Mysteries” (Photo: Netflix)

One day before, Monday On October 1, 2018, a sleeping bag was found on Interstate 75. When it opened, it was determined containing the severed lower torso of an adult male. The only thing that could lead to discovering the identity of the corpse was a Red eyed pit bull tattoo on upper left legDiane Scala-Burnett, the Lucas County coroner, told “Unsolved Mysteries.”

While trying to find out the whereabouts of David Carter, the police seeking to know the identity of the body found contacted, on October 3, the father of the deceased to ask him about his son’s tattoos. The man confirmed he has a pit bull with the specs given to him. The case went from a disappearance to a homicide investigation.

Tammy Williams became the prime suspect in the murder. She was arrested on October 5 for questioning, but three days later she was released. not having enough evidence to charge him.

A second bag was found on October 10also on Interstate 75, which contained the head of David CarterDied from a single gunshot wound under the left ear, the Lucas County Coroner ruled. six days laterrepeating place and modality, the third finding occurred with the upper torso of the father of the family.

On the same October 16, Tammy Williams withdrew large sums of money with her credit cards and two days later traveled to Chicago and then to New York, where she was last seen on a train to leave the Neptune Hotel. So far, the whereabouts of David Carter’s ex-partner are unknown.

Tasia Carter-Jackson will never stop seeing her brother’s killer behind bars, so she didn’t hesitate to ask Tammy to come to justice.

“Do you know what you did. We want you to come and surrender. We want justice for David. It’s not fair for you to go ahead and live your life, and they stole it from us” he pointed out in an interview with Fox News in March 2021.

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