Who is Yetus Prime from “Exatlón México”

Arturo González participant à

The sixth generation of “Exatlón México” It is already in its third week and the competition is tougher than ever. The Contender team has already lost one of its members, so a replacement has just arrived in aztec tv show. It is the popularly known as Yetus Prime and here we tell you what we know about him.

the athlete who join the blue teamfor which he must work alongside Emmanuel Chiang, Fiona Bernal, Liliana Hernández, Pato González, Lizli Patiño, Andrea Medina, Verónica Aldrete, Fogel Farid Negrete and Andrés Fierro.

It is to highlight that Manuel Paniagua was the first eliminated from the competition and is the reason for the entry of a new competitor.

Arturo González, better known as Yetus Primeis a rookie athlete and social media influencerespecially Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

He is 23 years old and studied administration for a while, but did not complete it. In addition it is cousin of Pato Gonzalezmember of the blue team of this sixth season.

It’s very ami d’Aldo Tamez de Nigrisanother participant of the “Exatlón” program, but of the American edition.

  • Full Name: Arthur Gonzalez
  • Nickname: Yetus Premier
  • Birthday: January 1st
  • Age: 23 ans
  • Place of birth: Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico
  • Crew: Containers (blue color)
  • Instagram : @yetus_prime
  • TIC Tac: @yetusprime777
  • Youtube: Yetus Premier
Arturo González participating in
Arturo González participates in «Exatlón México 2022» (Photo: TV Azteca)

Arturo Gonzalez to one YouTube channel with 3200 subscribers until. However, has been inactive for a long timebecause most of the videos are from three years ago.

Most of its content consists of its exercise routines in the gym and some personal stories. From what he himself said, lived in Canada for a short time and also had drug problems.

In 2020, Arturo González has become a trend all over Mexico and not exactly for the right reasons. He had been discovered break the quarantine and he defended himself by assuring that “the coronavirus only lives in the head.

Although “Exatlón México” was created recently, we already know that Yetus Prime was injured some time after joining the show which is registered in the Dominican Republic. Because of this, had to leave the competition.

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