Who is Gaemon Palehair, the bastard son of Aegon II Targaryen in “The House of the Dragon”

Who is Gaemon Palehair, the bastard son of Aegon II Targaryen in

In the “The House of the Dragon” episode 9Erryk Cargyll revealed that Aegon II Targaryen he had an illegitimate son in Flea Bottom and probably many others. The appearance of the light-haired little boy on the HBO Max series raised the question of whether it is Gaemon Palehair.

After the Death of Viserys Targaryen, Otto Hightower sends the Cargyll twinsmembers of the royal guard, seek out then-Prince Aegon. They had to prepare eldest son of Alicent Hightower for his coronation, but the young man was nowhere to be found.

During the search, the twins vVisit the King’s Landing slums, known as Lecho de Pulgas. In the horror of underground fighting using young children, it was shown that one of them thad characteristic Targaryen hair.

Everything indicates that could be Gaemon Palehair. Then we will tell you what we know about this character and what role he will play in A Dance with Dragonsaccording to the bookfire and bloodon which the series is based.

Gaemon is the alleged son of Aegon II Targaryen and a prostitute of King’s Landing known as Essie.

Because of his platinum blonde hairwas known as Gaemon Palehair.

  • Nicknames: Gaemon Palehair (White hair)
  • Alliance : House Targaryen
  • Date of Birth: 126 AD
  • Date of death: 135 AD
  • Mother: Essie
  • Papa: Aegon II Targaryen (supposedly)
Aegon II Targaryen is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms at the end of the
Aegon II Targaryen is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms at the end of Episode 9 of ‘House of the Dragon’ (Photo: HBO)

SPOILER ALERT. At some point in A Dance with Dragons, Rhaenyra Targaryen takes King’s Landing but was unable to capture Aegon II Targaryen, who disappeared. During the Black Queen’s stay in the Red Keep, there were uprisings in the capital due to rumors and certain measures that had been taken.

During this period, in the books of George RR Martin, Gaemon was only four years old, but he was made king by the prostitutes of the city, who gave free services to any man who would pledge allegiance to the boy.

It made him one of the supposed kings who arose in the period known as the “Three Kings Moon” or the “Moon of Madness”, almost at the end of the war. Gaemon managed to gather thousands of followers and they formed their court on the hill of Visenya.

After Rhaenyra’s death, Borros Baratheon took over King’s Landing and captured all of the would-be kings and their courts, including Gaemon. The boy was the only one spared, due to his age and they made him squire to the crown. During, his mother and his whole court were hanged walls of the red keep.

After the Dragon Dance, Gaemon Palehair served as cupbearer and tester to King Aegon III Targaryenthe son of Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen who remained alive. The king was six years older than Gaemon, but they became very close.being his only company inside the Red Keep.

Gaemon died of poisoning at the age of nine. after tasting the food that was to be given to King Aegon III, as someone had attempted to assassinate him.

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