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WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. ” Those in the last row ” it’s a Spanish Netflix Series which tells the story of five best friends who, after learning that one of them has cancer, decide to shave their heads and use their annual week-long getaway to do things they never have never dared to do.

Although not part of the challenges of the box, the first test that Carol, Olga, Sara, Alma and Leo must overcome is to accept their new appearance. Being a group of shaved friends, they definitely attract attention, but none can talk about the disease or reveal who has it.

On their first night in Cádiz, the group of friends must complete the first challenge: “Try on a girl”. Although many resist, they all end up taking up the challenge in their own way, but it’s Sara who faces a truth she’s tried to hide for years, she’s in love with Alma.

The five protagonists of
The five protagonists of “The Last Row” enjoying their vacation (Photo: Netflix)

The next thing they should do”Those in the last row” get high together. Adventure that ends with Olga and Leo in the hospital, Carol with a piercing and Sara telling Alma how she met the first challenge.

After taking some items from a market, sneaking into a neighbor’s house as part of the third task, the protagonists of the Spanish Netflix Series They must settle their pending accounts, which includes a meeting with what was once the sixth member of the group.

Although they fail to recover Paloma’s friendship, Olga finally speaks to her mother, Sara and Alma talk about their feelings, Olga contacts her ex-husband, and Carol writes to all the people she has cut from her life without explanation.

The final challenge is to tell the truth until midnight, so, ” Those in the last row“Faced with a full day of unfiltered conversations. Carol discovers that her friends are having a secret conversation where they talk about her and how to help her face the truth about her marriage to Rubén.

The last day of vacation the five women begin to imagine returning to their lives in Madrid and find the perfect way to remember their time together.

The protagonists of
The protagonists of ‘The Last Row’ find the perfect way to remember their time together (Picture: Netflix)

Before heading home, Carol, Olga, Sara, Alma, and Leo find one last piece of paper in the challenge box and agree to fill it out no matter what. The page reads the line: “This too shall pass”, the title of a play they performed at school. Remembering the true meaning, they decide to tattoo these words.

After being reunited with their families, the five women prepare for chemotherapy cycles. So who is sick? During the final minutes of the series, it is revealed that Leo is the one who was diagnosed with cancer. and she has to fight against the disease, but she is not alone, she has her friends who will never abandon her.

After admitting that everyone wrote the challenge with Leo in mind, Mariona Terés’ character thanks them for their friendship and appreciates that she’s the one with cancer instead of one of her best friends.

Leo (Mariona Terés) is the one who has cancer in
Leo (Mariona Terés) is the one with cancer in ‘Those in the back row’ (Photo: Netflix)

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