WhatsApp will improve the sending of files with the arrival of this useful function

WhatsApp will finally allow you to add text to messages containing documents, to facilitate their organization in chats

WhatsApp will improve the sending of files with the arrival of this useful function

After increasing the file size limit to 2 GB, Whatsapp has a new idea to make the game even better send files via chats of the candidacy.

At least that’s what details unearthed in WhatsApp’s latest beta suggest, where folks at WABetaInfo a new function has been found which allows add text to messages containing files.

You can add messages to photos you send as files on WhatsApp

In addition to sending documents and files up to 2 GB, WhatsApp’s Send Documents feature is used to be able to share images without losing qualitysince the files are not compressed when they are sent as is the case for photos and videos.

This is why the arrival of this new function is so important: to be possible add text to messages containing filesit will be possible to add a caption that accompanies the file senteither a document or an uncompressed image or video.

How to send photos as documents in WhatsApp

Sending photos as files allows you to bypass WhatsApp compression.

The function of adding a caption to files sent by WhatsApp as well will make it easier to find these files using WhatsApp history search tool. A tool that, by the way, is also about to improve thanks to the possibility of searching by date.

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For now, this option not available for WhatsApp users, but should arrive throughout the next few days to everyone. If you want to start using it as soon as possible, along with the rest of the new features that are going to come to the app, you should make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile.

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