What ‘The Midnight Club’ Ending Means, According to Mike Flanagan

Athéna quand elle découvre ce que sa mère a fait dans

Although the Final “The Midnight Club” answered a lot of questions that arose throughout the first season, there were some who came up with the last scene. For this reason, one of the creators of the netflix series, mike flanaganremoved some doubts.

The horror production tells the story of a group of teenagers diagnosed with a terminal illnesss who move to a hospice to spend their last weeks or months there.

However, the house they reside in has a much darker history than they thought, as it was previously owned by a cult that made human sacrifices.

In an interview for the mediapackaging“The Midnight Club co-creator Mike Flanagan explained several details about the Netflix production. Asked about the ending, Flanagan clarified a very important clue.

The scene involves Dr. Georgina Staton. She looks at herself in the mirror, as she slowly removes her wig, revealing a sinister hourglass tattoothe symbol of the cult of Paragon.

« We wanted people to rethink any assumptions they might have made about who Dr. Stanton is. There’s an important clue I think shouldn’t be too difficult, looking at the season, to figure out why the tattoo is there and who it may be. I don’t think we tried to hide it very hard. As for the wig, that’s much more important and if it indicates something sinister or otherwise going on, we have it in store to reveal very early in season two.a,” explained the mind behind the series.

Athena when she discovers what her mother has done in
Athena when she finds out what her mother did in “The Midnight Club” (Photo: Netflix)

This revelation has audiences wondering if Staton could be Athena, the character whose diaries have been a major part of this first season. So far, the doctor has been kind and understanding to the residents of the hospice, but she may be hiding a much darker past.

With Flanagan and the writers planning more than one season for the show, one has to assume that Dr. Staton will become a main plot factor.

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