What profile transfer feature does Netflix plan to use to combat password sharing?

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Netflix is ​​making sweeping changes to the way it authorizes users on its platform. After revealing a new ad-supported tier for users in the United Stateswhich will be made available to users in other countries, the streaming giant is now doing its best to prevent users from sharing their passwords with friends and family.

Explained_ What Profile Transfer Feature Netflix Plans To Use To Combat Password Sharing

Netflix hopes that by allowing users to retain their preferences, watch recommendations, and watch history on a new account, they will persuade people to stop borrowing passwords and get their own account. Image credit: Netflix

Netflix is ​​struggling to regain subscribers and recover revenue. Earlier this year, the company began testing new ways to prevent users from sharing their passwords with others. Now, Netflix is ​​rolling out a new “profile transfer” feature that will allow users to migrate their personal profile from someone else’s account to a new one.

Netflix announced on Monday that it will start cracking down on password sharing by implementing one of its actions. Netflix has the ability to identify multiple logins to the same account from different locations. In several Latin American countriesusers are required to pay a small fee for these additional members.

Netflix will now begin allowing users to transfer an existing profile to a new or different account. This allows viewers to carry over their viewing recommendations and history to a new account. This is so that users, who have borrowed passwords from friends, are not deterred from having to set up their profile again, and can actually go ahead and get a new subscription for themselves. .

Netflix hopes that users who borrow passwords will be motivated to buy their own subscriptions.

However, there are challenges that Netflix will have to face. The premise that users who borrowed passwords from other users will see this new feature as a reason to get their own account is flawed.

Moreover, the most basic Netflix plan in the US and most European countries costs around €6.99 and its European equivalent for one month. The ad-supported tier will limit streaming content to 720p resolution which, in an age of mobile devices with 2K and 4K screens, won’t appeal to many users.

Additionally, convincing users who have had the full Netflix experience for free, expecting them to pay for a new subscription that not only has limited streaming quality but also streams around 4-5 minutes of commercials for 60 minutes of content, will be great order.

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