what is the secret that Gloria hides

what is the secret that Gloria hides

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Created by Manolo Caro (“The House of Flowers”, “Someone Must Die” and “Once Upon a Time…But Not Now”), “ The Holy Family ” it’s a Spanish Netflix mini-series which follows Gloria Román (Najwa Nimri), a woman trying to escape her past in Madrid’s residential neighborhood of Fuente del Berro.

In order not to arouse suspicion, she tries to maintain good relations with her neighbors Blanca and Alicia, who believe that Gloria is a single mother who lives with her baby and her au pair Aitana. However, her real name is Julia and she has two children: Mariana, whose nanny she pretends to be, and Eduardo, who remains hidden.

Julia’s past threatens to resurface when Caterina (Alba Flores) and Germán move into the neighborhood.. Although they appear to be a happy couple with a newborn daughter, they are also hiding a secret that involves Gloria/Julia’s family.

Gloria/ Julia with her Aitana/ Mariana in the first chapter of
Gloria/ Julia with her Aitana/ Mariana in the first chapter of “Sagrada Familia” (Photo: Netflix)

While the protagonist of ” The Holy Familythrows a birthday party for her baby and attends other events, her children have to play more demanding roles, since they can’t leave the house as freely. Tired of hiding, Aitana and Abel rebel against their mother’s insistence with extreme discretion.

Aitana meets Marcos and attends a party at his house, not imagining that he is the son of someone very important and that they would take pictures of them that will appear in an international magazine. The same one that reaches the hands of Natalia, a person from Gloria’s past.

As, Eduardo/Abel becomes romantically involved with Germán, who is actually a private detective who works with Caterina for Natalia’s father, Fernando Alberche.. They follow in the footsteps of Gloria and her family. Because?

Julia’s life changed due to a family tragedy: her son Santi drowned after saving Mariana. Along with the pain of losing her firstborn, Najwa Nimri’s character has to deal with the news that her stepdaughter Natalia intends to return to Argentina and take her grandson Nico with her.

Because Natalia cannot have children, Julia lent her womb so that Santi could fulfill his dream of being a father, so she feels that Nico is also her son. In order not to lose the little boy, he kidnaps him, fakes a fatal accident and goes to Madrid.

The plan is to get fake passports and travel to Canada to start a new life.. But money is needed for a document, Fernando is about to arrive in Spain, Natalia knows they are alive and Mariana is in love with Marcos.

Eduardo fell in love with Germán without imagining that
Eduardo fell in love with Germán without imagining that he was investigating his family in the series ‘Sagrada Familia’ (Photo: Netflix)

When Natalia insistently calls Marcos to find out where Mariana is, the young man realizes that Aitana is hiding a big secret. But instead of walking away from her, he offers to run away together. Which, of course, Gloria, who knows everything thanks to Eduardo, will not allow.

In order not to leave anything out, the protagonist of The Holy Family » he murders Marcos and with the money that Blanca gave him for a stained glass window, he orders the missing passport and prepares to flee with his family. However, Natalia and her father arrive in Spain separately and Caterina and Germán plan a party to take Hugo away.

After learning of Marcos’ death, Mariana blames her mother, but she swears on Santi’s memory that she had nothing to do with it. However, the young woman locks up her mother and prefers to leave alone.

On the contrary, Eduardo decides to stay and help his mother now that they know Caterina and Germán’s plan. To prevent Gloria from hurting the latter, Abel frees him and asks his mother to prepare the escape.

Germán alerts Caterina and meets her near Gloria’s house, but when she arrives to meet him, her fake husband crashes his car into his accomplice’s. Apparently one of them survives.

Mariana reappears to return the baby to Natalia. Gloria chases her to the park and stabs her daughter to get Hugo back. At that moment Eduardo appears and with a gun forces everyone into the van. What will happen to Julia and her children? Will Natalia get Nico back? Will there be a season 2 of “Sagrada familia”?

The family photo of Julia, her children and her grandson which appears at the end of the series
The family photo of Julia, her children and her grandson which appears at the end of the series “Holy Family” (Photo: Netflix)

“Sagrada Familia” is available on Netflix from October 14, 2022Therefore, to watch the new Manolo Caro series, all you need is a subscription to the popular streaming platform.

Carla Campra is one of the actresses who is part of the cast of “Sagrada Familia”, the Spanish mini-series which premiered on Netflix on October 14, 2022. The drama, created by Manolo Caro, tells the story of a family with a heinous secret trying to start a new life in Madrid.

However, new relationships complicate his plans, especially after the arrival of Caterina and Germán, a couple who are also hiding something. MORE DETAILS HERE

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