what is the link between Albert and Adrien

what is the link between Albert and Adrien

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Created by Bruno Merle and Olivier Abbou, “The Black Butterflies” (“Les Papillons noirs” in the original language and “Black Butterflies” in English) is a netflix french series which follows Adrien Winckler, a 40-year-old novelist who works as a ghost writer to pay his bills.

While he is out of inspiration for his second book, Adrien meets Albert Desiderio, a humble pensioner who wants the dark novelist to write his memoirs. If the story of the old man begins with the love story that Albert shared with Solange in the 1970s, little by little a confession of several murders is transformed.

After hearing that Albert and Solange, protagonists of “black butterflies», they spend bloody summers on the Côte d’Azur, Adrien begins to have doubts about the project, but recognizes that it would make a very good novel.

Albert telling his story to Adrien in the French series
Albert telling his story to Adrien in the French series “Les Papillons noirs” (Photo: Netflix)

Albert and Solange met in an orphanage when they were little. United by their complicated childhood, they grew up together and fell in love. One day, when they were already young, they visit a beautiful beach and meet two brothers who seem very friendly, however, the eldest tries to abuse Solange, who, in self-defense, kills her attacker.

In order not to leave any witnesses to the crime of his beloved, Albert drowns the younger brother and thus the couple commits their first murder. A few years later, they open a hair salon and live happily ever after until Solange gets pregnant and has an abortion.

In 1972, while vacationing on the Côte d’Azur, the couple met a photographer who invited them to his home. Once there, they start drinking alcohol, dancing and taking sultry photos. The stranger tries to abuse Solange, so Albert stabs him to death.

Adrien writes down each confession of the old man on his computer. Nora, his wife, reads his texts and, thinking it’s an excellent novel, gives the manuscript to Adrien’s publisher, who has no choice but to sign a contract and continue to listen to the old man..

Meanwhile, a policeman follows Albert’s trail. Carrel uncovers an incriminating lead in Powell’s cold case and heads to the old man’s house. Seeing her eyes of a different color, Albert realizes that it is the baby of one of his victims, the same one he abandoned in 1978 in a cemetery.

The policeman attacks the old man, but Albert fights back, knocking him out and keeping him locked in his basement. What do you plan to do with it? Why do you need the writer? Meanwhile, Mathilde is investigating Carrel’s disappearance.

Albert and Solange were a couple of serial killers in
Albert and Solange were a couple of serial killers in “Les Papillons noirs” (Photo: Netflix)

After discovering the connection between Albert and Nastya, Adrien demands that they finish the book, but what he doesn’t expect is for the ending to include him. The old man confesses that he is his father. Overwhelmed by the revelation, the novelist smothers her and flees.

A year later, Adrien publishes the book “black butterfliesand relishes his exploits with Nora and her newborn son. However, his past and his story still haunt him. Moreover, he fears that his family’s secret will reach him.

After reading the book, Nastya confronts Adrien about changing the story of her parents’ death. The writer does not understand and his lover explains to him that it was not Albert who murdered his family but Solange. Ultimately, the novelist realizes that the real serial killer was his mother.

Discovered, Solange takes her grandson and confesses that when she learned that Albert had contacted her son, she sought him out and convinced him to blame himself for his crimes. “Les Papillons noirs” ends with Nora retrieving her baby and Mathilde questioning Adrien.

Nora gets her baby back at the end of the French series
Nora gets her baby back at the end of the French series “Les Papillons noirs” (Photo: Netflix)

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