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Alice et ses compagnons aux funérailles de Ben dans la série

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. ” our Ladyis a French Netflix series based on real events and inspired by the book “La nuit de Notre-Dame”, which brings to life the tragedy of 2019 and collects the experiences of firefighters and a diverse group of Parisians. The fiction created by Hervé Hadmar begins two months ago with a fire where Alice (Megan Northam), a rookie firefighter, lost her companion Ben (Victor Belmondo).

But she is not the only one to mourn the death of the young firefighter. After losing his son, General Ducourt (Roschdy Zem), the Paris fire chief, decides to retire, but before he can do so, he is notified of the fire in the attic of Notre Dame Cathedral. -Lady, he must therefore take care of the emergency.

That same day, April 15, 2019, Alice joined the fire department, although she was not ready, and had to help with the big fire. While Ducourt and his team try to save the spire and the framework of the building whose construction began in 1163, the accounts of other characters of ” our Lady”.

Alice and her companions at Ben's funeral in the series
Alice and her companions at Ben’s funeral in the series “Notre-Dame” (Photo: Netflix)

During the fire, Max (Simon Abkarian), a restaurant owner struggling with his wife’s terminal illness and pressure from a gangster, desperately looking for her daughter Victoire to say goodbye to her mother.

Meanwhile, Victoire tries to escape after a friend of hers dies from an overdose, but a distressed boy looking for his father leads her into the fire. Although she tries to leave him there and continue on his way, she decides to help him get home.

For her part, Elena, a journalist who must cover the incident, finds a friend where she least expected it, in the fire department, and uses him to enter the cathedral without authorization and record everything that happens. . When the situation gets complicated, the journalist is rescued by her old friend.

As Ducourt and Varèse discuss how to attack the fire or what to recover first, Alice climbs onto an unstable structure in an attempt to save the cathedral., but the needle falls and she is trapped. Thanks to Ben’s memory, she survives until Ducourt saves her and orders her to rest.

Despite being forbidden by her superiors and expecting Ben’s child, Alice escapes from the medical area and joins her team on the dangerous mission. When General Ducourt discovers it, he takes another path to save the steeple. Finally, it is a great help to control the fire.

Alice was d
Alice was a big help in bringing the fire under control at the end of the ‘Notre Dame’ series (Photo: Netflix)

After following several leads and confronting many people, Max finally gets his daughter’s phone number and tells her that her mother is very sick and he wants to see her before she dies. However, Victoire thinks it’s just another lie from her father, so she hangs up on him..

Worried about her mother’s health, Victoire decides to find little Billy and go to the hospital. However, the streets are closed due to the fire and he cannot cross. Just then, Max appears and comforts her. Together they visit the woman who once played the cello at a music concert in Our Lady.

On the other hand, after being rescued by her firefighter friend, Elena is sent to the television station for which she works to tell her testimony and detail everything she saw in the cathedral. However, the reporter regrets her actions and expresses that it was a mistake and irresponsibility to enter without permission.

Max found his daughter at the end of the series
Max reunited with his daughter at the end of the series “Notre-Dame” (Photo: Netflix)

“Notre-Dame” premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, October 19, 2022therefore, to watch the new French series, you only need a subscription to the popular streaming platform.

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