what happened to the house on boulevard 657 and who owns it today

what happened to the house on boulevard 657 and who owns it today

The films or series that generate the most fear among the public are those based on real life stories. This is the case of “Vigilant”, the new horror series from Netflix which is also produced by Ryan Murphy et Ian Brennan.

American producers have been the minds behind the hit series such as “Glee”, “Scream Queen”, “Hollywood” and, recently, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”.

East Premiere October 13 the new detective series that stars Naomi Watts, Bobby CannavaleMargo Martindale et Jennifer Coolidge.

The story revolves around a family moving into their dream home in New Jersey, but start receiving threatening messages and letters from a stalker who claims to be obsessed with his new home on 657 Boulevard.

Derek and Mary Broaddus they moved into the New Jersey home in 2014. They began to receive threatening letters from a person who called himself “El Vigilante”, who claimed he was watching them and their children. For him, the couple have decided to put the property up for sale that same year and, later, in 2016, but they couldn’t sell it.

The buyers, initially interested, they withdrew their offers after being informed of the threats.

The house used for the series
The house used for the ‘Vigilante’ series has been slightly modified from the real version (Photo: Netflix)

Ultimately, the family rented the house, but a few weeks later another letter arrived. Despite this, they continued to rent it until, in 2019 they were able to sell it for 400 thousand dollarsfar less than he originally paid, which was close to a million.

The house was sold on July 1, 2019 and the identity of the new owners remains anonymous.. However, some reports point out that their names are Andrew et Alisson Carr.

Apparently when the sale was done the Broaddus sent a note to the new owners wishing them the peace they couldn’t have and a photograph of the Vigilante’s letter so they can recognize it.

« We wish you nothing more than the peace and quiet we once dreamed of having in this home.” , they wrote.

Agree with ” The cup”, the new owners have not received any new threatening lettersthat people started to associate with being local.

The house that appears in the “Vigilante” series is now the famous address at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey. The city is only 16 miles from Manhattan.

So far, the streaming giant has made no announcement regarding the future of the Ryan Murphy series.However, as seen in the last chapter, there is a small possibility that the story of the 657 Boulevard house will continue in a new batch of episodes.

At the end of the first season of Vigilantas happened in real life, the lead couple give up their dream home for peace of mind and sell the property for less than what they bought. MORE DETAILS HERE

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