What Happened To Chester, The Byers Family Dog In ‘Stranger Things’

Waiting for the premiere of fifth season of “Stranger Things”, It is likely that many of his fans have returned to see the previous episodes of the hit fiction of Netflix. This way they were able to remember some of the dear characters who left the series.

In this sense, they may have identified one of the missing pets of the protagonists. It was a dog called chester and accompanied the family Sera, in the first season. However, in subsequent installments, the animal ceased to appear in production.

It was only over time that we were able to find out what really happened to him. Therefore, below find out what happened to chesterthe dog of byers family in the series of Netflix “Strange Things”.

chester was the pet of Will Byer (Noah Schnapp) and his family in the series. He appeared from the first chapter of the production, when the boy was chased by the Demogorgonand the dog was shown barking at the monster.

Later it was he who said hopper (David Harbour) about the location of the shed, the last place he would have been Sera before being taken to Upside down. So absolutely, chester appeared in four fictional chapters.

Although nothing is known about him in the second season, in the third we found out what the pup’s true fate was. This, thanks to the statements of the interpreter who gives life to Sera.

Chester appeared in the first season of
Chester appeared in the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ (Photo: Netflix)

During the event ” stranger with”, before the premiere of the third opus, Noé Schnapp explained where chester at the request of his fans: “I think he’s dead, isn’t he?” You can say that, I guess. »said according to Comic Book.

In this way, the death of the dog was highlighted in “Stranger Things 3”, pointing to his grave. Although the show never explained the reasons for the death of chesterthis may be due to the problems you encountered David Harbour to record with the dog.

In 2016, the artist called it the “worst actor” who he had worked with, as he had to leave the set when the animal did not cooperate during filming. Apparently, the production team would have liked to avoid these inconveniences by removing the animal from the script of the following episodes.

According to media like ScreenRantgrief for the death of chester could be one of the triggers of Sera to be vulnerable under the control of neighbor. Definitely a viable probability, given that it’s the trauma that places you as a potential victim of the villain.

Chester died after appearing in the first season of
Chester died after appearing in the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ (Picture: Netflix)

You can see all the chapters of “ stranger things ” through Netflix. Currently, four seasons of the TV series have been released. Therefore, you only need a subscription to the popular streaming platform to enjoy it.

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