What happened in real life with Jeffrey Dahmer’s younger brother

Jeffrey Dahmer avec son père, Lionel, et son jeune frère, David sur une photo de famille

As much as their crimes were very cruel, terrifying and as much as the history of the United States I would like to erase forever all that he committed, the series of Netflix who counts the murders of Jeffrey Dahmer It sparked a lot of interest in remembering what happened at that time and also in knowing what happened to the lives of his relatives and people who once surrounded him.

“Monster: The Jeffey Dahmer Story” features several characters who were in the criminal’s real life, primarily his relatives, who knew what they had done after the arrest and death of the person responsible for 17 people murders. For example, we know today what happened to the life of his father and even of his neighbor Glenda Cleveland, but a character seems to have disappeared.

It’s about his little brother, David Dahrmer, of which there is little mention in the series available on Netflix. In addition, after the arrest and death of Jeffrey, nothing was known about him, as if he had become a person who does not exist, but everything has its reasons and now we will detail what all this is for is of.

Jeffrey Dahmer with his father, Lionel, and younger brother, David in a family photo
Jeffrey Dahmer with his father, Lionel, and younger brother, David in a family photo

David Dahmer was born on December 18, 1966 and was very close to Jeffrey in his early childhood until, according to various media, the future murderer resented him for diverting attention from his parents. However, this feeling did not have major consequences.

The first time the two separated was, as seen in the series, during their parents’ separation. Joyce, the biological mother of the two who died in 2000, was granted full custody of the two, but only took the younger of them, leaving only Jeffrey.

Since then, in the Netflix series, there is no mention of him, except when he communicates with his father or his mother-in-law on the phone, without even hearing his voice. For example, in the story, we see when Shari gets a call from him, informing her that her mother tried to kill herself.

Little information is known about him, but it was revealed that in 1991 when the criminal was arrested, David was a graduate of University of Cincinnati in Ohiohe therefore has a career that he has nurtured over the years.

During the capture and hearings of Jeffrey Dahmer, his younger brother was never present, marking a distance with him, since he chose not to want to know anything at all because of the heinous crimes he committed and of anything that might happen to her because of their family connection.

The boys’ father Lionel Dahmer and his wife Shari were on ‘Larry King Live’ in 2004 to talk about what happened with the late serial killer and in part of the interview he been consulted by David.

It was there that both announced that David had changed his name to protect his identity. and stay away from all media.

They also said that by this time Jeffrey’s younger brother already had a career, a wife and was expecting the birth of his second child.

The only thing we know about him is that he is currently 55 years old and continues to lead a private life, far from all the chaos that his brother has sown.

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