What do we know about Leonardo DiCaprio’s presence in “The Squid Game”

Without a doubt, Netflix found her new golden egg hen in ” the squid game“, a series that premiered last year and caused a stir around the world, so they tried their best to confirm the recording of a second season, which was not in the original plans of the creators.

Since then, several rumors have been created about the possible release date, the actors and, of course, the plot of the second part, but one of those that most caught the attention of fans of this South Korean production is the possibility that the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is part of the cast.

And it is that the screenwriter himself Hwang Dong-hyuk mentioned the famous Hollywood actor’s nameexciting all followers of the production, we will now detail what will happen in this regard and what is the idea that, for the moment, we have regarding its presence.

Lee Jung-jae in his character of Seong Gi-hun in
Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun in ‘The Squid Game’ (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix held an event in honor of “The Squid Game” and Hwang Dong-hyuk was present. This is how he addressed a few words to the public and spoke a little about the second season of the series, announcing that there will be no famous actors from United Statesbut everything will be done in Korea.

However, he himself mentioned Leonardo DiCaprio as part of the cast for a third season. And this happened because the artist declared himself a fan of his production.

“There won’t be any well-known Hollywood actors in the second season. That’s not the plan and, if things change, maybe in the third season, but in the second season the setting is still Korea. Leonardo DiCaprio said he’s a big fan of ‘The Squid Game’, so maybe if time and circumstances allow, we can invite him to join the games. »to say

In this way, he clarifies his position on the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio in the film, but also confirms that a third season is coming.

In the event in question, the writer assured that there is already a schedule and apparently there is no rush and they will take the necessary time because the recordings will not start until next year.

It’s because of it the chapters of the new season will be seen on Netflix in 2024so, if you are a fan of the series, you still have to wait a few more years.

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