What did Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother die of?

What did Jeffrey Dahmer's mother die of?

Series ” Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story« , Quoi can be viewed through the Netflix serviceIt has become one of the favorites among fans from all over the world, so it is not surprising that many of them have become very curious to know more details of what happened, in addition to knowing what is the life of dans characters. la vie reelle

As we know, in the 10 episodes of the American production, several people close to the serial killer appear during the criminal madness he committed, such as his father, Lionel Dahmer, his brother David, his stepmother and, of course, sure, his biology mother, known as Joyce Dahmer.

Precisely, this note will detail a little more the latter who, according to the series and various biographies of the criminal, was for a long time distant from her son after having separated from her then husband, taking with her only her youngest son. . Also, in the Netflix production, he is not seen until he is finally arrested.

According to reports from various news outlets in the United States, after Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest and conviction, Joyce communicated with her son more often by phone in prison as she moved to Fresno, California. In these conversations, the murderer confessed something macabre to his mother.

The ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ revealed to his mother that he still had those murderous urges when he was in prison and he was grateful to be locked up because he doesn’t know what would have happened if he had stayed free.

After her son’s death, Joyce began a legal battle for his remains, as she wanted his brain studied by specialists to learn more about the reasons that led Jeffrey to commit this wave of murders, but in the end she didn’t. couldn’t win. .. and his intentions were truncated.

Joyce Dahmer in real life (Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Joyce Dahmer in real life (Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Living in Fresno, Joyce founded “The Living Room”, a community HIV center that supported people suffering from the disease and was responsible for managing it until the year 2000.

And it is that the biological mother of the serial killer died on November 27 of that year from breast cancer that she could not overcome, thus becoming the first direct relative of the one who is deceased.

For his part, Jeffrey’s father, Lionel, is still alive and continues to live with Shari.

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