What Daemon Targaryen’s Song High Valyrian Means to Vermithor in ‘House of the Dragon’

Vermithor rugit après que Daemon Targaryen se soit approché en chantant une chanson dans High Valyrio

“House of the Dragon” (“The House of the Dragon” in Spanish) issued its tenth and last episode recently. One of the scenes that raised the most questions is the one where Demon Targaryen approaches a mysterious dragon, which turns out to be intermediary

Recently, Ryan Condal, the showrunner of the HBO Max seriesconfirmed in an interview with Variety This is the beast of King Jaeharys I Targaryenwho appeared in the first episode.

During the Black Council, Matt Smith’s character mentions that they have many dragons in dragonstone overtake the Greens, even if the biggest have not cavaliers.

Everything indicates that Daemon Targaryen plans to search new riders for dragons which are under the fortress and his approach to Vermithor, where he sings him a song in High Valyrian, the language of the homeland of the Targaryens, confirms it.

Next, we offer you the translation of the lyrics, thanks to Archives de Out Own.

Vermithor roars after Daemon Targaryen approaches while singing a song in High Valyrio
Vermithor roars after Daemon Targaryen walks up singing a song in High Valyrio ‘House of the Dragon’ (Picture: HBO)

« fire eater

winged chief

but two heads

At a third they sing

In my voice:

The fires have spoken

And the price has been paid

with blood magic

With words of flame

with clear eyes

To unite the three

I sing to you

how we meet

And three-headed

We’ll fly like we were meant to

beautifully, freely

The song that Daemon Targaryen sings to Vermithor His name is “Hāros Bartossi”, which in Spanish means ” three-headed. Although the music sounds great in its original language, which was created for the series, the letter hides a powerful meaning.

The song is about Aegon the Conqueror and his two sister-wives. Together and with a total of three dragons, they succeeded in conquering Westeros. For him, The symbol of the Targaryens is a three-headed dragon. on black background.

« Fire-eater, winged leaderrefers to a dragon and with “two heads to a third singcan describe Visenya et Rhaenys Targaryen after Aegon.

The next stanza speaks of the blood magic ” and the ” the price has been paid” , which can hint at Valyriawhat was powerful to do this kind of spellswhich lead to to its total destruction.

« As one we come together and with three headsclearly refers to the House Targaryenboth for its symbol and for the alliance between the brothers at conquer westeros. After reaching it, the Seven Kingdoms will be where the dragons will rule and fly.

Just as Aegon the Conqueror used the dragons (Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes) to initially take possession of the Seven Kingdoms, so now Daemon could be asking Vermithor to help defend him against usurpers. It would be a new alliance between horsemen and dragons.

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